The Novice Detectives of Morgan Valley

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"You can't solve a case on your own, Danvers. As the saying states; No man is an island. Without the other, one cannot accomplish success". Follow the story of Bloom Danvers, an investigative journalist who survived a car-crash accident, leaving her to the depths of her own memories. Going back to the 'Morgan Valley' Police Department, she teamed up with the mysterious retired Chief Inspector Mason to solve a case involving a ripper who seem to be involved with something more.

Mystery / Romance
Miss Judgy
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He felt her quiver underneath him as he continue his rough, desperate pace. She tried to struggle away from his hard grip, yet the drugs inflicting in her system seem to take there effect and she saw the sinister smile stretching its way to his cheek. He lowered his head, muttering something which to her dismay, she couldn’t hear due to the lucid state she was in as she arched her back, the knife slicing deliciously into her skin as she let out a soft, painful moan. He chuckled at her reaction, thrusting faster, reaching his peak as he kissed her neck hungrily, the bed creaking which could be heard in that very room.

She closed her eyes shut as she felt her muscles spasm, milking him as she moaned loudly, her body arching more as he grunted a growl, feeling the rush of adrenaline finally reaching its tipping point as in a flash, before he came deep inside her, he pulled the knife that was plunged deep into her right shoulder and quickly thrusts one last time and sliced her throat out, ending her life as blood splattered the bed sheets.

He hummed a satisfying growl as he closed his eyes. He waited for himself to calm down as he open his eyes, smirking at his artwork.

“Poor little Vanessa; Samantha outdid you though...“.he chuckled in amusement as he pulls himself off her, laughing deviously.

The sound of several police cars and ambulances rang through the streets of Bolton. Many Journalists, News reporters and Disturbed people from the neighborhood came to witness the unexpected crime scene in front of the Hamilton Family Residence.

Detective Inspector Damien Forbes frowned as he watch several crime scene investigators having a hard time collecting the needed evidence on the crime scene. Rushing nurses walk pass him, carrying the victim’s body to the ambulance not far from him as he let out a frustrated sigh.

This is the fourth crime scene they have encountered four weeks from now. He didn’t know when and how this suspect had the guts and strategy to kill those women without getting caught in act, all he knew he had this urge to stand out and search the bloody bastard himself.

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice Detective Inspector Sarah Williams approaching him, her arms crossed with intention.

"Damien".she called out, snapping Damien out of his thoughts as he hissed a little, scratching the back of his neck as she stopped, standing beside him while her eyes focused on the crime investigators going in and out of the house.

“Findings are getting slow, the evidence found in the crime scene are still the same,“she continued as Damien stared at her.

“God, how does he do that? I mean, we’ve been searching for weeks now..all we got is a bloody crime scene, that stupid scalpel with the victim’s blood and a broken phone of the victim,“he said, massaging his forehead to calm his nerves as Sarah sighs.“I’m sure we can find something! No need to be stroppy and looking so stress,“she shouldered him as Damien hissed at her.

“How can I calm down? Four victims in a row and we still haven’t found him!".

"Like we haven't face cases like this one...".

"Gosh if Mason was here,“he said as Sarah gave him a surprised look .“You know I’m quite nervous whenever you mention his name,“she said as Damien raised his eyebrow.

“Why is that?,“he asked as Sarah fixed her composure, eyes darted at the man in front of him.“Because it means you’re going to do something to make him come back, you know too well what a trash you are to him, Dames“she said as Damien frowned, looking away as Detective Inspector Mikael approaches them with a file folder leaning it to Sarah.

“Got a few possible evidence, the body was sent to St. Morgana, Blake told me to tell you to pay Ashley a visit for the autopsy result, she had discovered something that might help us finding the suspect,“he said as Sarah glanced at Damien, seeing him in thought for a moment as she stared back at Mikael.“We’ll do that, thanks Kael,“she said as Mikael left them with Sarah shouldering Damien with a hiss causing him to snap out of his thoughts and gave Sarah a ‘What the heck?’ look.

“Whatever that is your thinking...“.

“It’s none of your business,“he hissed as he saw her flabbergasted expression.

“Woah, since when did you have the right to tell me that?“.

“I just...“.

“You’re distracted”.

“I’m not”.he quickly replied as she rolled her eyes.

“Yes you are”.

“You know why“.he hissed as Sarah gulped, realizing what he meant.

“If you’re thinking what I’m thinking...“.

“Text me if they’ve found something, if they did, bring it to St. Morgana, You can pay Ashley a visit to analyze the report,“he spoke quickly, changing the subject as he walk away from her.

Sarah followed him with a frown.“Supposed to be we who’ll be paying Ashley a visit?,“she asked as Damien stopped walking, letting out a sigh.

“I’m going somewhere, matters I need to finish,“he reasoned as Sarah crosses her arms.“I know you when you’re lying, Dames,“she said as Damien snubbed her, walking continuously towards his car

“You know it’s not your fault!,“Sarah exclaimed as Damien smiled softly.

“I know!,“he shouted back, still walking as Sarah sighs, turning her head to aid a nurse while staring glimpse at Damien.

The moment he sat inside his car while buckling his seat belt, the detective let out a sigh.

It’s been two years since the incident and Damien Forbes himself couldn’t help but feel more alarmed, sorrier and ashamed in the things he said to him.

He grabbed his phone, unlocking the pattern and quickly to the contact list to see his name on it. He debated himself a little, whether to call him or not.

Call me when you have the very guts to do so, either never for goodness sake!

His angry voice rang in his head as Damien typed the simple words that would let this bastard of a man to the service again. He had no choice. The case got even more complicated and many innocent people are getting killed. If he didn’t do something, he’ll lose either his job and his sanity.

He closed his eyes as he clicked the sent button, wishing himself luck as he started the car. Whatever his answer is, may luck be with him.

He is his only hope.

He stood still, eyes closed shut as he held the bow of the violin tight. The violin comfortably lying under his chin as he fixes his composure, moving the bow in a slow momento.

The slow music it created filled the living room as he moved it expertly, creating a wave of uncertainty and a little emotion. He moved it up and down, slow to fast, hitting the right notes again and again.

It’s been three months ever since his retirement as the Chief Inspector of the Morgan Valley Police Department. Surely it was hard at first since he is used to have cases like no other and would drag Forbes to solve it with ease and anticipation. But after the incident outside the Pub, he had never felt so happy enduring it. He got to learn how a human would live in a normal, domestic state. He stayed at a private residence far from the city of London where he amuses himself by indulging himself in the history books of the world.

He was lost to the unraveling wave of the violin’s music when he heard his phone beeped, snapping him out of his musical trance as he opened his eyes. He quickly placed his violin on the top of the table, placing the bow beside it as he went to grab his phone, sliding up the easy lock as he widened his eyes on the message sent to him.

Another dead body found, the same suspect we’re after. Need your help.

- Forbes

A/N: I edited it as best as i could, if you spotted an error, please point it out for me. Comment what you think and vote for Love️ Thanks and see you on the next update!

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