Auntie do not come out

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in our way we are the most pernicious of the whole lot of the history of the humanity. In our manners we have the best of it in this way we get not to be veggies why because we have swallowed ourselves and are busily now preening. What matters to us is what we do and behave in the social amiabilities and to take of with our abilities without a thought for others without anything but the narrow range of us. We are the anomalies which seems to have normalised madness. What madness but being beasts and coming out as the thoughts behind the innocent and naïve we behaved in the most appalling fashion for those who disagree with our points yet we see ourselves as the brave. To disagree and come to a understanding is half the battle of signing treaties and making a pact with the enemy.

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Chapter 1

We have the best of relationships with our adults and real relatives who do us the revolutions and what to do with the bosses and how not to worry about nine to five because if we are proud, we can take off. We love being us because the thing is what we are is the reality of the thinking parties and there are nothing like bad guys who do not profit from our nudities and selfish desires to come out and to live in the land of the lilies and then when the house is burning down we do wed ourselves and makes rotten eggs eventually because we have the reality of this selfish gene and if one is not selfish then what does it do to ones self- esteem? We are braver than anyone and can class ourselves as ace because what we did in the days when disgrace was invented was not look over our shoulders but shred ourselves in public with the pubic hairs and then dance and sing when we are ousted from the whiteness. Look honeys it is not me we are being robbed the world is going under and you all not listening because it is a disaster. We must forget the thing called sex we have won that war there is now another war far deeper than that. To save the world to make it a place habitable.

No, the popular demand is to make the world equality disastrous for everybody. Well you see when the fox is out and around trying to pluck our lively chickens what do we say? Let her defend herself. What no way someone must defend the honest worker. I am an honest worker no one gives me a dime because they know that they will be out of pocket so deep that their pay check will go out of action.

I am not a lesbian so what is the story???

Myself is now the roaming author without a shell why is there too much of this going on we love women of beauty showing their pubic hair and demanding equality when the men sneer nicely and then turn around and say screw it, we must have it. Well the disaster then happens abortion and that makes it nicer because then not a pill in sight. Sexuality is a nice word to say about this thing but what does it make for the home life when the kids are not going out and the mum is indoors having it out with the other mums? Well the pride in this is that we all believe in something/. We adore things to look well we are ambitious women not wives. We love to come out with certain surprises/. Has It occurred to anybody that we are not lovable but laughable because we sold ourselves our souls for a cause which we could have won if we behaved? Well we are vindicated they all swear no they are vindictive being equal is not only about being gay there might be the equal pay the right to do what one likes to do and then take care of things which matter to self. Con it is all con not everything is equal women still clean the toilets. Well who will clean them in the house? If she does not? There might be a labour dispute about the whole thing. You see it all it is about the pay if the women had money then a foreigner can clean them damn toilets. They have equality too now so there.

“So, no one is going to clean the damn toilets?”

“My case I rest with some ire the situation is dire.”

“Our self-esteem is the thing we loved and then lived remarkable lives and now we have the stuff which matter money.”


“And everything.”

“We made a difference.”

“We lived more then we should have done then the bombs started to fall and we did not know why?”

“What do you mean?”

“No one saw because no one had their senses anymore.”

“We worked hard all our lives.”

“I thought about not working but that was never an option.”

“As all the world has gone mad and madder, we can now drop bombs and no one will suspect us.”

“We have endeared ourselves to others by our schemes which spelt out that there is in this world enough speech enough of that when we do things for others like ourselves and never for the people who disagree with us.”

“We are all feminist.”

“Feminist love each other.”

“I prefer not to.”

I am being chased round the park by a group of angry feminists who would love to settle the issues.”

“Did they catch you?”

“I am still running.”

I whom think that lives depend on each other like string to a bow and an arrow. I think if one shoots the arrow then there must be a string to the arrow that shot the string. Pleasantries are these to think one has more than one string to an arrow means you are deceiving yourself. Because most people have only one shot. That there might be many trial and error but when the perfect moment comes then that is your shot. Some men do not know this and most people today think they can mate and mate again and still remain the same sane and sober person. I mean why? There is not much a woman can speak about when she is such a straitlaced woman. I must swear to it all that there were people who behaved in a polygamous situation and when they did it was a disaster. My daddy has several bows to his string and look what has happened to him but I am going on to the one woman who influenced me and I influenced her my auntie who was killed by nature and died trying impotently to save what remained of herself her daughter. She said if only one of them would not indulge in incest I would have been worth the earth’s natural resources. She died saying these words she died to her family not telling them her last wish lost in the winds of time and change has happened because the daddy now most indulgent of the wares.

You let go all of me you let go of me and now I am telling it is over because you let go of me. That all my life people of some importance in this world tortured me because I was difficult even diffident some said I was simple. Did not exist in the real world you let go and then I let go and there was not much of me left because the partnership within this world is between the beasts like oneself. Deal is a deal when a deal goes bust the master comes back and takes us all. I am swearing at them all in a tiny cot there is nothing there but darkness the flies are eating me alive. The flies are there all round and I am making a deal with God if rescued I would help others like myself. I will help others adding to the sparkle in the room which someone had left probably the other kids which the babysitter sat with but she did not like me because mummy had not paid her. The fiver she owed made the babysitter rotten and that was it the fleas inside my shirt did come out and then she took the other children out and I was in this house alone in a room which smelt and there was not much of me left.

I whom have become deranged in the arrangements of others’ lives and mine have now to come back to auntie and go back again as this and that seems more interesting to me as a talker as a speaker, I am all over the place.

When does I end and others begin?

They are all part of me and this is a gang abuse this is a woman abuse this is about a group of females and males who have the audacity to gang rape females whom they take an interest in.

I am young maybe four or even two.

Daddy is pretending to be a woman I call him a woman he acts like a woman and he torments me.

Then the baby sitter took off their wig and became daddy. It was so usual for dad to act as he was and is a great actor but when he took off his wig and showed himself in his truth and lack of shame I was howling there is nothing a child shows more than being betrayed the trust she has got goes once taken there is no turning back.

“Forgive daddy.”


“In order to love someone, one’s love must be stretched.”

“Hate daddy. Go and get scissors.”

“The thing is there is no daddy to forgive only to forget.” I was heartbroken the thought never stayed in my mind. The thoughts were leaving me deserting there was not much left I had spent myself out. He was no more the daddy the father to protect me. He was the animal who had went too far.

“Daddy never here for you?”

“He always there.”

“But still you think daddy is a shame”?


“The reason?”

“He let me rot and left me for the flies in that small chair within the seat me eating pho and asking for release and never being allowed anywhere but on that chair for what appeared hours days even.” I remembered the reason he was working on some horror movie and he wanted to go to some parties so he did try it out what a child would do or something or he was just bone idle or tried to make do with the right baby sitter and just dumped me on that chair. I do not remember the reasons exactly all I remember is the chair and the flies and someone called auntie asking me for the right code for what had happened then she said pleased that I had been a rescued child. That is, it a rescued child is a child who is recycled. Anyway, to then make off with the idea that he is the best dad in the world is a sham.

“How come she remembers all that?”

“I can daddy I can remember what you did to me.”

“You think you are so clever, don’t you?”

“Yes no.”

“In this dump who is the boss.”

“You daddy.” Vile Thoughts went through us both then I became aware of the scissors. In that way I could do us both an injury. He too did note it. But thought I would not do it. The thing was if he did, I would touch him with the scissors see what his actions would bring him. Give and take away the beautiful daddy no more. It is endless you see evil. It is endless.

“Is that what it is because of some joke you think that is behaving naturally to your poor daddy?”

“That is just if you are very rich man.”

“No, I am not giving you money to spend on trivia.”

It was worth a try I thought.

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