Illusion Forest: Short Story

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Forests can be many things, beautiful, scary, filled with life. When you wander​ into a forest what do you hope it is? Forests can also hold cautionary tales, like: Little Red Riding Hood. But it's not the wolf you have to worry about in this tale, it's the forest itself. But what if you can't see the danger before entering?

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

You are walking through a forest. It is a lovely, sunny day.

Suddenly…you hear the screech of an eagle, you look up but the tops of the pine trees are littering the sky and you can’t see the wild bird. You want to see the bird so you start heading toward a clearing where the sun is spilling in and you are bound to be able to see the pale blue sky.

You hear the eagle screech again and hurry. When you reach the clearing, you can still not find the source of the screech but a sign catches your eye.

The sign reads: “Illusion Forest”. You’ve never heard of it or seen the sign in your previous visits to the forest but you’ve never gone this deep before either.

You cautiously walk along the path. You start hearing russeling and see flashing shadows out of the corner of your eyes. You start to worry you’ve entered a place that doesn’t like or want you to be here. Yet, you continue forward.

Suddenly, something grabs your foot, you look down to see a mud-covered hand holding on to your foot. You try to shake it free but you have no luck. Frightened for your life you try to rip the appendage from your foot but another hand soon appears on your other foot.

You start screaming and that’s when lighting comes zooming out of nowhere and banishes the hands from your legs. Without a second thought you’re off running for the exit where you saw the sign. It’s now raining, muddy and wet.

Where did this rain suddenly come from?

At this point, you don’t care and you just want to leave the Illusion Forest.

When you finally reach the sign, you glance at it and realize you didn’t read all of it.

In much smaller writing, it states: Those who enter must be prepared. For you entering will most likely result in you going insane, those who are lucky to escape still sane will have learned the valuable lesson…never…to come back.

You now wish you had seen the text sooner but as always, your curiosity got the best of you and you didn’t consider your surroundings…

You never go back to the Illusion Forest or even into the forest near it for the fear of losing your sanity but you soon realize that you too have gone insane with worry for what will happen if you go back, to the Illusion Forest.

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