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Finally with an identity for the Jane Doe on Highway 95 they can start making connections and possibly find who killed her and Molly. Did Calvin kill them or were they taken out as revenge? Or was it mistaken identity? Reid continues to try and understand the supernatural world and what killed Lane and Ava Colt. Does Calvin pose a threat? What secrets is Calvin hiding? Who is at the center of this? Are they closer to Raymond than he expects?

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1



The easiest way to steal an identity or change your name is to take a deceased person who was born the same year as you. I started looking for people who didn’t have records before July 2011 that were around Calvin Donivon’s age.

Normally people would have birth records, school records, job records, purchase and bill records but if Donivon had to create a new identity there would be nothing from before. When Donivan disappeared, he would have been thirty and by now he would be thirty-eight. A long time to build a new identity.

Calvin Donivon, born February 19th, 1980 to Sarah and Keenan Donivon who had both died April 24th, 2002 in a double-homicide. Donivon’s real name might not have been Donivon either depending on the motive for the double-homicide. Records dated back to his parents’ birth though.

So, I was looking for someone who was born 1980 and died May 2011 or prior to it. It narrowed it down but there were millions of people who lived in the U.S.A. who were born and died then.

I put Donivon’s description and the timeline into a database, their deaths would most likely stand out since they had to be under the age of thirty-one.

Maeve’s body showed signs of foul play, now did Calvin kill her and the baby or did someone kill them to get back at him? We didn’t even know if the baby was his, Maeve’s skeleton was too decayed to be tested for DNA to see if the baby matched Calvin, we didn’t have DNA from him to match it to, either.

Matches came up but how to narrow it down any further was an issue, we had no leads or ideas on where he went or if he was even alive.

I wonder who took the baby’s skeleton, and why. I also wonder what killed Damin’s parents, I know they were killed by monsters, but why? I had so many questions, it made me wonder why I went into this line of work sometimes. Why I didn’t ask JJ if I could move with her to Hawaii or something? At least then I would be near family.

My mother was in a care facility for dementia and my father had divorced years before that and I hadn’t seen him since.

My cell phone rang, it was JJ.

“Hello?” I answer.

“How’s it going?” she greeted.

“I’m a little lost on the case I’m working on, honestly,” I answer.

“Can I help?” she asks.

“I’m not supposed to discuss cases with people outside the police department,” I remind her. “I’ll talk to Raymond later, don’t worry about it.”

“How’s Zack?” I continue.

“He misses you,” she replies. “Maybe we’ll visit at Thanksgiving.”

“That…that would be nice,” I reply.

There was a knock at my door.

“I have to get back to work, JJ. I’ll call you later,” I inform.

“Bye, Reid,” she bid.

I hung up and went to answer the door.

A man in his late thirties stood on the other side. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him.

“Agent Reid Quint?” he questioned.

“Yes, and who are you?” I answer.

“Agent Don Lin, I was the original agent on the Maeve Donivan case, I heard you were looking into the case after Maeve’s skeleton was found a few weeks ago, I thought you would like my insight,” he replied.

“Why didn’t you go to our police department? How did you get my address?” I question.

“One of the officers pointed me in the direction of Lieutenant Raymond Cannto, he gave me your address,” he replies. “Is now a bad time?”

Where had I seen him before?

“Yes, I’ll come into the department in a couple of hours, give me your number, I’ll call when I get there,” I reply.

He hands me his number.

“I’ll see you later, Agent Quint,” he bid.

I watched him walk down my drive to a black jeep. He drove off and I glanced at the license plate, Idaho. Made sense if the original investigator on Maeve’s case that he’d be from Idaho, but if he was from Idaho why did he seem familiar? I’d never been to Idaho. Maybe his picture and name were in the case file and I’d seen it or something.

I went back inside, I wanted to call JJ back but I had places to be now. I went back to the case file and started cleaning up the file. I glanced at the name of the people who had worked on the case, there was a Don Lin but he didn’t look like the agent who’d come to the door. I looked back at the picture of Maeve and Calvin that had been given for missing persons' photos, the familiarity… The agent that had come to the door looks like Calvin, but he’d dyed his hair and worn different colored contacts to throw me off. He’d come to my door and got my address. If he hadn’t murdered Maeve and his child he was going to get arrested for impersonating an agent.

I gathered up the case file, put it in my bag and grabbed my car keys.

I had to find Raymond and see if he actually gave him my address or if he had lied and found it by his own means, he could be a lot more dangerous if that were the case.

I drove to the office but Raymond’s jeep wasn’t there, I spotted Calvin’s car though.

He knew about Raymond, if Raymond came in he could target the agents who found his wife’s skeleton to keep us silent.

I called Raymond.

“Reid?” he answered.

“Raymond, where are you?” I asked quickly.

“Driving to work, why?” he questioned.

“You can’t come here,” I exclaim.

“Why?” he asks.

“Calvin Donivan is here and he’s posing as Agent Don Lin. He found my address. Did you tell him? He said he talked to you. He might be targeting us because we found his wife’s body,” I inform Raymond.

“Why didn’t you arrest him?” Raymond asks.

“I didn’t recognize him till after he left. He’s changed his hair and eye color,” I reply.

“He’s at the department now?” Raymond continues.

“Yes, or at least his car is so I’m assuming so,” I answer.

“Call Sam and Mike, get them to arrest him, throw him in a holding cell. We can hold him for 48 hours on suspicion,” Raymond replies.

I spotted Calvin leaving the department.

“Can’t do, he’s leaving now,” I reply.

“Follow him,” Raymond replies.

“I can’t he’ll recognize my car,” I exclaim.

“How long do I have?” he asks.

“Two minutes max,” I reply keeping out of Calvin’s sight.

“I’ll be there soon, I’ll follow him,” Raymond replies.

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