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An old friend of Rave's has appeared in town and taken to stalking Rave. Who is he and what are his intentions? Rave tries to comfort Avery's uneasiness caused by the friend. What secrets is Rave hiding about his stalker? Does he pose more of a threat than he is letting on?

Mystery / Adventure
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Chapter 1



I peeked out the front window at my house.

There was the lingering shadow of a silhouette.

“Rave, he’s still out there. I thought you told him to leave and that standing outside a person’s house watching was creepy,” I comment.

“I don’t even know who told him we live here, because I didn’t,” Rave calls back from upstairs.

“The creep probably followed you here, how old is he again?” I question.

“Twenty-one, he’s friends with my parents. My relationship with them is fragile as it is, I really don’t want them to turn against us,” he replies coming to stand beside me and look out the window.

“But it’s creepy,” I comment.

“I’m sure Max is harmless. We’re vampires, what’s the worst he could do to us?” he answers.

“Behead us,” I reply.

Max had been stalking Rave since he got back into town a couple of weeks ago. He would play his stalking off as being in the same place at the same time coincidence thing, but I noticed the figure standing outside quickly and watched him sneak close enough to see his features in the porch light.

“Could you call his family or something?” I question.

“I don’t really know if he has any. He’s never mentioned them and I’ve never met any,” Rave replies. “Come on.”

Rave took my hand and led me away from the window. I glanced back at the window.

Yazu was sleeping in a spare bedroom upstairs. Rave’s parents had welcomed her to stay at their house but she felt out of place in a house of humans and it was hard to keep it a secret from Leslie when she had to drink blood to keep her hunger in check. So, we allowed her to stay here.

Rave pulled me up to the master bedroom that had become our safe haven since Max’s appearance. We normally slept on the couch, falling asleep by TV light. He sat me down on the bed, wrapping himself around me like he did after I turned Josh.

My mind replayed the sound of Yazu decapitating him. If I hadn’t turned him, he wouldn’t be dead.

“It’s my fault…” I mumbled.

“It’s not, Josh is responsible for his own actions. It’s kill or be killed if you can’t make the hunter or monster see reason,” he whispers.

I can feel his warm breath on my ear and cheek.

“You need to sleep, as much as we are monsters sleep helps,” he continues.

“I would sleep if there wasn’t a creepy stalker guy outside our window, Rave,” I answer.

“I’ll ask my parents about it tomorrow, it’s late now, let’s try and sleep, okay?” he replies.

“Okay,” I admit defeat.

“Love you, goodnight,” he whispered uncurling himself so we could lie down.

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