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WARNING: This book contains strong language, dubious situations, deception issues, manipulations, abduction and dark romance. "And what you tried today," I winced in pain as he held my nape from behind before turning me around. I peered up at him in fear while he stared down at me with his intimidating eyes. His eyes were thundering. Leaning down further, he made my pulse rise. Being so close to him- a man, no less, I could see the clear spec of blackness inside his dark eyes. They were so raw and so dark and so piercing. It was terrifying to look at. I sucked a shaky-terrified breath before slowly blowing it out. "I would suggest you not try it again," he added, his bottomless brooding eyes burned into mine, "because no matter how hard you are going to try, you are never going to get out of here without my permission. Away from my sight," he vowed in a menacing tone that had no expression at all. "Don't get your hopes high." Tears split down my eyes while he studied my face for a solid good amount of time before finally deciding to release me. Moving as soon as possible away from him, I backed away hastily, cradling my nape. It was hurting. "You like escaping. Don't you?" He explained to me in a condescending tone. "Let's see how you are going to try now with my eyes on you- all the time."

Mystery / Romance
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Forming scenes in mind is not a big deal.
Alas, but writing down your exact same wondrous imagination in words and then in sentences which could make sense while reading.

Writing a book is not damn easy. I appreciate all the writers here, I respect them greatly from the cross of my heart ❤and I definitely salute them for working hard and going ahead in their passion for writing.

I respect andforalute the writers out there and encourage them to go ahead with it and continue to share their hard work with us.

I respect my voters!

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