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Full summary. 

Full summary.

Awdhesh. Radhika. Uzair.

Will forcing your love on someone you think you are in love with would make them fall in love with you in return?

Would that be okay to force someone to love you with the same intensity you love them with?

Could stubbornly adhering to a purpose you think is right will make it morally right? Will it?

Would that be morally right to crave someone's presence till they have become yours completely?

Would your obsession with someone make you cross all the moral limits to just have your urges satisfied by getting them in your clutches?

Could a person turn into an obstinacy?

Because there seemed to be a person who could.

This is a story about a girl: Radhika, who lost her parents in an unforeseen tragic accident leaving behind a very small toddler brother upon her. Trying to keep herself sane for the sake of her brother, she intended to live for him somehow, and anyhow. A few months later, her life took a toll yet again on her, and she ended up in the arms of a mafia man: Uzair, the devil himself.

He was a twenty-five years old capo. Height: six feet two inches. An underworld boss in the world of Mafias. A high-ranked boss in many cities and states. However, it was just a facade to ensure his true identity was kept hidden from the killers and oppressors to not be vigilant about him around the world to take out the criminals from the root of the organisations. So he can eradicate the outlaws running once and for all.

When on the contrary he let her think he was the bad guy. However— he was the undercover agent of the Indian intelligent system disguised as a Capo. And a very famous entrepreneur. To eradicate the atrocities happening in the city he let himself unveil in the form of the perilous mafia that he was for the world.

In the beginning, she was afraid as she was so forcefully taken away from her dorm alongside her brother. Albeit, as time passed she came to see the different shades he had been hiding inside of himself which were lurking behind his dark obsidian eyes.

The shades were so unpredictable but somehow, while finding those shades, she fell— for him. When she did not know. Suddenly. Unexpectedly.

The question arose here: will she be able to unveil all those shades residing inside of him or something more than she could just fathom lurking inside himself?

Would she be able to unveil all those shades of him that he had been hiding since god knows when?

Or the most important part: will he let her?

Would he be able to tell her the actual truth about keeping her and Shaurya to himself?

The mysteries; twists and turns in every chapter with cliff-hanging ends would make the readers thirsty for the next chapters to be unveiled with excitement and dread, altogether. The unique love between Uzair and Radhika would make the story attractive and witty.

A unique love story mixed with a thriller and mystery would make the readers perplexed and anxious regarding the ending. With an edge and cliffhangers in every chapter.

And, trust me the story cannot be predicted until you, yourself don't read it. With an unprecedented twist, turns and dark humour amidst the story.


He looked at her attentively. There she was.

Sitting quietly on the top step of stairs of an isolated temple, clutching something or rather someone indulgently with her small hands, perhaps a kid, he mused thoroughly. Were his eyes playing tricks on him?

He, however, then exhaled sharply when he got to see her face. An unparalleled innocence written all over her face had him enticed towards her.

"Imraan, follow her!" he ordered, nodding in her direction without gazing away from her. Perhaps if he dared to look away, she might disappear.

"Certainly sir!" Said Imraan, grinning.


Her breath faltered and her big baby brown eyes watered at the consequences of the dreaded incident. Cupping, her small visage in his big palms, he shushed her.

"He's alright, little one. I wouldn't have let anything happen to Shaurya, now had I?" He spoke softly as if talking to a scared little child. There was no denying it.

She was a child to him; he vowed to protect her with his life.

She didn't say anything. She couldn't, the incident displayed in her mind like a broken recorder.

He stepped forward again, trying to ease away her pain, bending down, he touched her chin with his long callous fingers, tugging upwards. Her breath came out shallow and long at his proximity.

His touch burned her. It felt wrong yet the fire in her belly confused her into thinking otherwise.

"P-please stay back," she beseeched, not meeting his eyes at all.

"That, cannot be done, my little bambolina," his voice was a mere whisper yet with a tone of command in it.

“Why are you doing this?” Her voice broke at the end.

“Because I want to protect you, little one.”

“Y-you don't understand! We don't want any protection,” she whispered.

His hold on her face was slightly tightened. “You don't know it yet but you do.”

“If we do need protection as you say; it is from you. Nobody else,” her eyes got closed as fat tears gave her anguish away.

“If that makes you abide by my command, so be it.”

Her eyes shot open. “Please let us go,” her tone held desperation.

“Anything. Ask me anything more than that,”

“It's the only thing I want yet you cannot give it to me.”

“Little one,” he forced her eyes to look at him. “Don't make it any harder than it has to be,” bending down, softly he touched his warm lips on her forehead, lingering there for a few seconds before breaking it. “It could be the easy way,” he exhaled, capturing the sudden fear in her large brown eyes. “Or the hard way. The choice is yours. Choose it wisely.”

I had no choice but to close my eyes and let the tears fall.

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