Lost Love

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Come to a mystery adventure with the characters of Matt Simmons, Scott Walker, and Rose Perkins. Matt has a crush on this girl named Rose Perkins. He is nervous to ask her out until Scott tells him that he has to be nice to her. What happens next? Will he go out with her? Find out by reading the mystery love adventure of "Lost Love"

Mystery / Romance
Kitten Author
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Chapter 1: I can't tell her.

As I walk on the sidewalk to school, I pass Rose Perkins. A beautiful, pretty, smart, and funny person. I'm not sure how to tell her that I love her yet. She'd probably make fun of me and maybe even share with it with her friends. As she passes, her hair flys with the wind. How does she do that? So, that's that.

Before the bell rang for my first class, I pass Rose, again. This time, she looked even more pretty. Finding Love is one thing, but losing love is a whole other problem. As the bell rang, I walk to class and as Scott noticed me in the hall.

"Hey, bud," he said as his arm landed on my shoulder, "How's it going?" I started to think a little. He started to frown.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?" He asked with confusion.

"Nothing. I just don't know how to tell Rose Perkins that I've had a crush on her for the past 2 months. Have you had that problem before, Scott." I told him.

"Oh, well, actually, I have. You just have to be nice to her for a whole week, and then at the end, ask her out. It's that simple."

"Really," I said with sarcasm, "Is it that simple?" He started to frown, again.

"Well, maybe not for me, but still. That's all you got to do." He stated.

"Alright, fine. But if this doesn't work, you'll owe me for this." I said.

"Okay. But I won't you...Hopefully." He replied.

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