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"Look around you. No-one is there to help you but me. And you know what I can only help you and no-one else. Don't be frightened. Don't avoid me. Because I am the presence which will make you survive in this cruel world. Jenny. Come on, forget about people. I am here with you. I'll take care of those people." A thirteen year old kid had a traumatic past, with her parents alive but not by her side. She felt lonely. But, one day in the dark of the night, and the silence of the sleep. And the absence of the movement. Someone spoke to her. Who? She doesn't know either. But, it is always with her. Knowing everything.

Mystery / Thriller
M. Iqbal
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Hurry up, the patient is losing her heartbeat.” The doctor cried impatiently.

“Charge.” “1,2,3, Again”. There was a frenzy in the hospital room. Nurses were panicking. The doctor was trying his best. But she had written something else for her.


Creak. Creak. Creak. Creak.

The swing was moving to and fro in the dark of the night. In the silence of this dead night, the creaking of the swing rang loud.

“Jenny! What are you doing here? It is so dark and cold, and you are still swinging here since the evening. ” The elder woman walked out of the patio door and moved towards the swing. Jenny stayed the way she was and continued with her swinging. Head hanging low. Bent towards her lap.

“Jenny! What are you doing? Let’s go back in.” The woman spoke, standing just beside the tree to which the swing was hanging.

“Mum”, Jenny spoke, still in the same position, “Why did you bring me back?”

“Jenny? What are you saying? You are our daughter....”

“Mum, why did you bring me back?” This time looking upward.

“Oh, Jenny honey we are sorry, whatever happened in the past, we were poor back then we didn’t have the money back then. Now we have money. That was the only problem. Please, forget about it, honey. We didn’t want it to be like this. hmmm?”

“Lying, she’s lying.”

“You’re lying, mum.” Jenny looked up towards the woman, who is her mother.

Janet, Jenny’s mother was taken aback. “Come on Jenny, why would I lie to you? Let’s go inside.” Janet admonished lightly.

“She’s just using you, for her other daughter, Jessica. She loves her more than you. Oops, I forgot she doesn’t love you at all. Hehehe.”

“Shut up,” Jenny yelled.

“Jenny, how are you talking!” Janet reprimanded. Annoyance and anger clear in her voice.

Jenny looked at her mother. Frightened. But, she knows she can’t tell anyone. Because no one will believe her. About the presence which is always around her.

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