Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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What is the meaning of my life? I have no memories of my previous life, but I believe that this room that only appears at the stroke of midnight has the answer for everything. Is my life worth living for, or should I try to continue how this tragedy unfolds.

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Chapter 1: Diaroom

"Dear Diaroom,
Finally, I'm back to reality. I have now gained the understanding that I exist, and that I existed before this.
As of now, I am three-years-old. Seeing this room once again makes me feel happy and at the same time depressed, question mark?
This time, I am born in a nice and wealthy household. However, everything nice is bound to have secrets buried somewhere deep.
My father is a farmland owner and he uses this for his businesses. My mother, she is a... I don't know yet. I don't what she did before and how she is married to my father. Maybe, my mother was just a nobody who got the eyes of my father.
Before I realized that I reincarnated, I used to roam around the halls of our mansion at night. Of course, I did it in a sneaky fashion. Then again, after visiting this room, I am planning to tiptoe and discover newer things.
We have three maids. All of them are women, and all of them are middle-aged. We have two gardeners, two middle-aged males. We have a lot of farmers that are well payed and fairly treated. As for our bodyguards, there are plenty.
My mother is currently pregnant for her second child. I don't know if I am going to have a brother or a sister, you can say that I am excited.
Roaming around the mansion, I have not seen anything suspicious just yet. I have not seen my father or mother do anything behind each other, and I have not seen the people in the household do anything suspicious.
I guess my way of thinking now is due to the remnants of my previous life, and I see the mementos that I left here to prove it. Now, I will leave a memento in commemoration for my rediscovering you, my Diaroom.
This one, this is the button of my pajama that I am currently wearing. I've worn this most of the time this year, and I will probably wear these until I outgrow them. This should store a lot of memories. As for my infancy, let me leave it at that.
So, who am I in the previous life? Let me take a look in that gallery beside this new life that I have. The design of the gallery of my previous life is a bit gloomy. Why is the theme concentrated around a stormy weather in the ocean?
Should I take a look at it now, will it affect the way I develop in this life? Maybe if I take some time to think first. I don't want to influence my current with my past life. Let me have time to think about it.
A pin. My previous self must have left it as his or her first memento. If I touch it, I will relive his or her memories. How long should I relive such memories? I know that back in the real world, time has stopped indefinitely. Only when I come out of this room, time will resume again.
I've decided. I will check the first memory of my previous life tomorrow. Also, I will update my first memento of what is yet to unfold. So take care of my mementos as always, Diaroom.
Noel Von Gondra
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