Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 10: Frankenstein

"SF, right?"

"You, is this the afterlife?"

"We're in Hotel California."

"California, USA? Are you kidding?"

"Of course, I am. Take a look around... those are your mementos."

"Mementos? This is the Diaroom... I hanged myself. Why am I alive?"

"You are memory preserved in the Diaroom for the next reincarnation to listen to your story."

"And you... are that reincarnation?"

"I was... but I died. What you see in front of you is a memento, my soul."

"That is impossible."

"Said the previous memories that I have encountered..."

"Explain this to me, Diaroom."

"There is nothing to explain, Dr. SF. He is the final memento when his life ended. Yours is a noose, the one you used to kill yourself."

"You can use your soul as your final memento? That is unheard of."

"Dr. SF, my name is Abaddon. As much as this is a great pleasure to meet you, I cannot say that I am pleased of the tragedy of your life."

"Mr. Abaddon, why did you come here in my Diaroom?"

"I require your skills, Doctor. You discovered reanimation of the dead. I want you to the same with this body."

"YOU... You saw my story, didn't you?! You saw what happened when I tried to resurrect my wife! You saw it! I won't do it again!"

"What you did was reanimation of the dead and not resurrection from the dead. You brought the body back to life and yet you forgot the most important thing of all, the soul."

"The soul... is just a theory. The soul is an energy expelled after death that lingers around. What you are as memento is an energy left behind as a result of your death."

"That is up for debate. A soul is created after the union of man and woman. The cell already contains the soul. A soul is necessary for resurrection. You are a man of science and yet your science is limited. Yes, souls are indeed the energy... and at the same time, souls are what makes you... YOU."

"I won't do it. I will not bring a corpse back to life."

"Of course, you cannot do it on your own. Your forte is only reanimation. However, I know of somebody who has the power to transfer a soul to a living body devoid of a soul."


"Scroll of Soul Transference. Once you bring the body that Diaroom is carrying on his shoulder back to life, we'll take it from there and I will have my soul transferred into the body that you reanimated."

"You are talking about black magic, a taboo. What world did you come from?"

"I came from a world without magic, probably the same as your world. The only different thing is that our world's histories differ from the other. This scroll is a memento I obtained from someone who lived her life in a world of mystical origin. So, I want you to help me bring the corpse back to life and I promise that you will continue to exist here in Diaroom."

"What do you mean by that?"

"What happened when you discovered Diaroom?"

"I don't remember. Maybe, I looked into my past reincarnation's life?"

"And what did you see?"

"The past reincarnation of mine appeared and told me his story while I was holding his memento."

"And after viewing his past life as he told his story, he disappeared... just like that, right? His a memory preserved to keep repeating his story without him ever knowing or remembering a thing. You were like that too, but right now, you gained sentience. I can interact with you, don't you want that? You feel alive again even as a memory. If you help me, you can even interact with other memories. It is a one-time offer, do we have a deal?"

"Diaroom, is this true?"

"For Master Abaddon, I have made quite a few exemptions. If you accept his offer, Dr. SF, you will also be an exemption. As for you, Master Abaddon, you will have ten more exemptions left if you pick him."

"So you are willing to give me twelve memories to exempt? This is a first for me. I didn't know that you have a limit like that?"

"There is..."

"And I thought that Ms. Birch is the only one exempted." I grinned at the doctor. "I guess you will be exempt if you choose my offer."

"Wait a second, you were lying to me?!"

"Who knows? But hey, you got lucky. So, take this offer before it gets taken away by someone else."

"Why do you want to live again, Mr. Abaddon?"

"I want to live again because I was given a chance, Doctor. I want to return back to my world in a different body for just one reason..."

"What is that reason?"

Smiling at him, I said, "If you want to find out, then accept the offer. I'll give you time to think, Doctor."

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