Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 11: Dermatologist

"This is the Diaroom that suits your descriptions, Master Abaddon. Shall I awaken the memory or do you want to know her story?"

"I can ask her on my own. Please, awaken her."


She has been awakened, Master. You may now begin interacting with her."

"Welcome to the Diaroom once again, my name is Abaddon, Ms. Dermatologist. May I know your name?"

"I am... I forgot who I am... I'm sorry, Mr. Abaddon but I do not remember my name."

"That is quite a calm demeanor you have there. Do you perhaps remember your initials?"

"I do remember... I am Dr. BV."

"Dr. BV, do you have any idea about the circumstances of why you are here and not dead?"

She shook her head.

"If not, then would you like Diaroom to explain?"

"Please do... Diaroom, please explain."

"Dr. BV, you are a memory preserved from the pages of your own Diaroom. Your body nor your soul is no longer with us here. I awakened you to gain sentience and interact with Master Abaddon to whom I am currently employed."

"I see... What does Mr. Abaddon will? Why do you ask for me?"

"You are a brilliant dermatologist of your time when. I need your expertise to remove a lot of scars. I also need your expertise with regards to facial reconstruction."

"To you, Mr. Abaddon?"

"Not to me, but to my future body. Diaroom, show her the corpse."

She looks like she's used to seeing dead people. She does have a very calm personality. However, I can still sense her anxiety building up.

"What is the meaning of this? Mr. Abaddon, if you are to ask me to do something, I may ask for a background check on you."

"Of course... of course. I am the final memento of my own life, my soul. However, I want to know and find out what happened after my death by going back to my old world and see things through in the body of that man."

"Where did you get the corpse? It looks fresh."

"Indeed, Diaroom keeps things fresh. I got the body from a reincarnation who used that as a memento. He riddled the body with scribbles. You should not worry for I have put the serial killer down."

"Was the serial killer a memory just like me?"

"Yes. The wasn't the only body in that serial killer's Diaroom."

"How am I sure that you are telling me the truth?"

"Ask the one who never lies, the one who speaks only of the truth, and the one that oversees everything. Ask Diaroom."

"Is he... telling the truth, Diaroom?"

"He is telling the truth. He is not a serial killer."

"Now, the truth has been spoken, Dr. BV. About what I asked you to do, are you able to do it?"

"I can do it... only that there is only one big problem, I don't have the tools and the staff to do it, Mr. Abaddon."

"I have another doctor with me and I was a nurse in my previous life. That is staff enough, right?"

"You will be the scrub nurse. I need one more, the circulating nurse. The body also needs to undergo blood typing and we obviously need a lot of blood. There are wounds all over the body," she kneels down to examine the corpse, "and a stab wound through the chest is what took this poor man's life. The heart was punctured and from the looks of it the inferior vena cava was also lacerated."

"A big kitchen knife was used to kill the poor guy. Diaroom was surprised that I was able to kill the serial killer using such as small and dull knife."

"Good for you, Mr. Abaddon. However, my forte is more on dermatology. You will need a surgeon to fix this."

"Don't worry. The doctor that I recruited happened to be one. What is more amazing is that he was able to bring the dead back to life."

"That is impossible... however, the presence of Diaroom is enough to make me believe that it had indeed happened. So, how will you provide us with the tools to fix this corpse for you to possess?"

"Mementos. There are countless reincarnations from different forms of life, timeline, world, and possibility."

"Who would think of using a bag of blood or an IV set as a memento? That is absurd, Mr. Abaddon."

"To be honest, it is absurd. I haven't thought about this part. Unless Diaroom has the answer for my needs, then it would be possible."

"Master Abaddon, you may have underestimated me. I can recreate tools from memories. Everything you need is within my grasp."

"There you have it," I cannot stop grinning here, "we've got everything we need. Dr. BV, if you can pull this through, you will be rewarded in the form of your sentience. You can continue existing as you are now and not as a memory who only retells her past life."

"I see... that is a good offer. Take me to the team then..."

"After you, Doctor. Diaroom, I need two nurses and I want them to fit the descriptions that I will tell you. I cannot be a part of the medical team for I need to prepare myself for the Soul Transference."

"As you wish, Master."

"Soul Transference, I see. I might be seeing something new."

"Trust me, Soul Transference is actually ancient, my dear. May I ask, how did you die?"

"I botched the surgery of a patient who was secretly sleeping with my fiancé on purpose and as punishment, I was gunned down after they removed her facial bandage."

"How was it? What did she look like?"

"I turned her face into that of a pig's and if you asked me, that last few seconds of my life was worth everything."

"That life must have been worth living for, huh? At least, you enjoyed your life..."

"You didn't?"

"That's why I'm going back as a different person..."

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