Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 12: Psychiatrist

"From how you put your story into pieces, Mr. Abaddon, I believe that you were suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. I think that you tend to go Bipolar, Depression also, and I believe that you have Schizophrenia of the Negative type."

"I have nothing to hide. Also, in the world where I came from, it is called Dissociative Identity Disorder."

"For a reincarnation of mine such as yourself, I did not expect anyone to be as broken as you are. Well, thank you for actually bringing my consciousness back to reality. I feel like I never died."

"Well, I don't think that I was Bipolar nor I was Schizophrenic. Maybe it was personality of mine that suffered that. Also, I am the last of the personalities."

"Really? I didn't realize."

"Of course, you wouldn't. I am the amalgamation of four of the personalities... the origin, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth. I don't know what happened to the first, the second, or the third. Nonetheless, I believe that the fourth swallowed them all up."

"You know, all human beings or living beings that are sentient have their very own mental problems. If someone were to tell you that he is not suffering from any mental problems, don't believe them."

"Yeah, I know. Nobody is perfect after all..."

"I haven't asked... is this the only reason why you had to awaken me from my eternal sleep?"

"Do you want to stay awake like this?"

"You can just wake me up if you need my counselling."

"I see... then, good night."

"Master, I have a question."

"Well, that is a first, Diaroom. What is your question?"

"The psychiatrist lived a good life. Why didn't you ask him about his good life?"

"Life is lived differently, Diaroom. Sometimes, things that people say about a person actually living a good life can only be confirmed by the person, itself. Before attaining the life that he had, he had to undergo a lot of struggles. He made it, that is why you conclude that he had a good life. As for me, my past, and the others here..."

"I understand, Master."

"We'll have to make our preparations ready, Diaroom. However, before we begin the experiment and before I return back to my world, I want you to do me a favor."

"What favor is that, Master?"

"You told me once that you can duplicate a memento and that you can create things from our past memories, is it not? I want you to create me my duplicate, so that even when I will no longer be here, the child will not ever notice, do you understand?"

"You need me to create a storyteller duplicate of yourself. Consider it done, Master."


"Master, may I ask you a question?"

"Intriguing... the Diaroom, itself, asks me a question. Alright, what is it that you want to ask?"

"Among all others, you were the first one to break into the system. You choose to return to your previous world to remain in there for whatever purpose you may ever desire. My question is... Are you not going to abuse the system to take control of the world?"

"I want revenge. I want to see my world fall down. I want to be my originator's harbinger. You see, the system has nothing to do with my own revenge. Its only use is to give me what I desire and when I finally got what I desire from you and the system, you can return to aiding Mr. Gondra and his future reincarnations like normal. I am actually already abusing the system, you see, but I do not intend to drag you along. I don't want the foolish humans to ever discover you, my Diaroom. You will not stop me, will you?"

"I will not stop you, Master. I only wished to understand."

"Diaroom, once I leave, it may take a very long time for me to return. Am I still welcome... if ever I return?"

"As long as you are alive and living, you will be my master. You are always welcome to return."

"Well ain't that cute..."

"Hello Diaroom, yes... I am back. I am sorry that it took a long time for me to return here in the Diaroom. It's just that, I had to make a lot of memories to store in here. Tell me, is that creepy guy still here or has he left?"
"It's alright, I was too scared to return when I was a child. But now, I'm a teenager and a professional assassin at that. So, tell me, is he still here? I hope that you remember who you serve."
"I am sorry, Master Noel, for taking too long to answer. The other master left years ago. However, he left himself a duplicate of himself for you to listen to if ever you wanted to view his memories."
"I see. Diaroom, tell me all the things that he did until the day he left. I want to know everything."
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