Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 2: Past Life's Gallery

"Dear Diaroom,
Yesterday was just a pretty normal day for me, is what I would like to say, but I discovered something while roaming around the mansion's library. I discovered something over there and about this world, I can't read their letters.
I decided to ask my mother to teach me how to read and write their alphabet. My father took notice of my enthusiasm about learning that he decided to hire a tutor for me. The tutor comes from a prestigious university in the east. He or she will be coming tomorrow.
My mother taught me to read and write for at least an hour and a half before leaving me on my own. So, alone and independent at a young age, I can see myself as a genius in the future. It makes me want to know what kind of past I had.
This is why I am back here. I want to know of my past. I will do it after replacing and updating my new memories in that button. Oh yeah, there was the thing about roaming around last night. I found my father's wine collection down the cellar. He has a lot of barrels of centuries old wine and when I grow up, I will have a taste of those precious juices from the gods.
Welp, I forgot one thing. So, my mother suspects that I will be having a little sister soon. Apart from the technology being not that proficient in this new life of mine, I immediately wanted to put an emphasis to what kind of world this is.
For now, I will focus on getting to remember my past memories. Now, let me check my life's previous gallery of moments. The theme really is depressing, you know? Stormy weather on top of unstable oceanic current. Right now, I am sighing, maybe in despair. Nonetheless, I am prepared.
A pin, why this? Ah, whatever... Let's get this over with..."
"My name is ??? ??? ??? ???. I was born in ??? ?? ????. My father was a ??? while my mother was a ???."
"Right of the bat, I'm confused. This past life of mine did not even reveal who he or she was. Was his or her life not worth living for to warrant such anonymity?

I chose this pin to represent a fraction of my childhood. This pin doesn't hold any significance, it was easier to dispose off. For starters, I was given love but the problem was I that I was not given the proper attention that I need.

This is probably due to my mother being reserved and shy. This also probably due to my father being prideful of his entitlement.
Earlier on, I already noticed that my mother was the person who did not want to get involved too much with the people around in fear of being the center of rumors. I blame my intelligence for it. I was too intelligent that my mother feared that if she continued supporting me in my school activities, all of them would call her a stuck up mom, or a sucker for the school. And thus, she left me by alone. Her reason and scapegoat for doing so? She told me that I needed to become independent.
My father, his mistake was to agree to my mother's decision. He knew about my mother being shy and all, but why allow her to leave me alone? He could not care less about me because he believed that my intellect would solve the problem, it did not. I was intelligent, but I was not wise.
This is probably why I chose this pin. I needed someone to stick to. However, I was left alone, I was isolated.
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