Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 5: My RISE and his FALL

"Dear Diaroom,

As I was delving into the box of my mother to investigate who or what my mother really was, I found some curious things. Also, I decided to ask her about it.

And there you have it, my mother was surprised to find out that I was able to discover who she really was before she became my mother.

It turned out that she was an assassin, and she used to work for my father's family. I knew that father was actually doing some dirty work and my mother was the same. Err, my mother is the dirtier one... or bloodier to the extent.

You know what, I asked her to teach me how to fight, you know?

You know what she told me? YES.

"Moreover, for a young guy like you," she told me, "snooping around and discovering my secrets is really impressive. I think you have what it takes to become a great assassin someday. However, young man, you are the son of a noble, and you have to act like one. Do you understand?"

Then, I made my cute uh... pleading... puppy-eyed expression to lure my adorable mother to teaching me. She, of course, fell for it. Actually, she really wanted to teach me.

That night, she told my father about it and I was called by the good looking fellow of a father that I have, and told me to be responsible given the opportunity that my mother was willing to teach me.

Come to think of it, my father was talking to me like I was already an adult. I'm just three-years of age, remember? Things are doing good for me that made me think of viewing the rest of my past life's memory to see and experience his downfall."

"The Legend of a Tragedy

I continued of having the façade of someone special. Despite the fact that I discovered that I was flawed. I still wanted to be the best, it really wasn't meant for me.

The egotistical persona known as Saber discovered defeat for the first time when a side character known as the Lioness defeated me in the ranking for intelligence.

I wasn't aware of it myself but I felt threatened of her presence. It was the fact that I was the best and then she just came out of nowhere to best me, overtook my whole personality to another level.

Of course, I was referring to Saber and at the same time I was referring to him as myself. I hated him not because I made him, but because I allowed him to overtake my life.

I should've trusted my guts. I should've acted tougher. I should've considered a lot of things first. I was a child and I acted on my very egotistical persona filled with pride and ID. I knew I was wrong, but I decided that this wrong was the right thing for me. That was how SABER's thought process worked, a slap in my face knowing the fact that I let someone like him ruin the very first building blocks of my childhood.

Then, came the bullies. They were wise and they picked on me because I wasn't wise. They were self-entitled, much like myself, and they were larger than life, much like myself. The difference was that they were better, they were in groups, and they knew who to target... ME... or Saber on that part of my life.

You see my regrets, you see what I've been through? This is disappointing. If you are viewing my life, I know that you're disappointed as well, whoever you are.

I (SABER) was an asshole and I admit it. Things would only crumble as my life continues to unfold in front of my very own mistakes. The days that went by, the weeks that progressed, the months that were wasted, and the years that accumulated only further myself from the reality of the world.

As Saber failed to endure the tortures of life, he gave birth to the next persona... "

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