Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 6: Please... No More

"Diaroom, please define Dengue."

"Dengue is a type of illness caused by a specific mosquito bite. It starts with fever, and the appearance of rash. The rash indicates that bleeding is present. When not treated, it becomes fatal for it is hemorrhagic in nature."

"The old life before this must be harsh place, don't you think? You know what, please don't answer that. Maybe even this is the same. Alright, let's move on with my past life's memories."

"Please... No More

When Saber the egotistical persona perished after his reign from ages 7-13, Brittle came next. This persona, he was the result of bullying. He had little to zero pride left in him. I (Brittle) was often bullied when I was 14.

I was stressed out but I still had little pride in me to go to school despite the fact that I was being bullied a lot. I was called a zombie for I had huge bags under my eyes... a result from the sleepless nights that I had due to nightmares and night terrors, and hauntings that I had during my childhood days.

I was also scrawny, weak, and pathetic. I also carried a bit of Saber's prideful attitude back then that fueled the fire for my bullies to belittle me further.

I always cried deep inside. I also cried at home when I'm all alone in my room. I also caused my harm to my brother for transferring my anger from my bullies towards him.

I regretted the fact that my brother's behavior was the result of displacing my anger towards those that wronged me to my brother. It didn't have to be like this.

I always blamed original self for being bullied. If only he didn't... no, I can't blame him. He was just a product of the environment, himself. He had to create us because he needed to. It wasn't necessity that enabled him to build me.

I am the fourth of the personas and fifth is helping me documenting this for you, the next me...

The way that Brittle was bullied were a mixture of both verbal and physical. He was vulnerable... very vulnerable to the point that he often suffered from diarrheas because it.

Stressed, he was deeply stressed. I wasn't proud myself when the fifth made me realize that the second had the worse life among the rest of us.

There were three sections... all of them knew of my situation. They enabled the bullying to further and it took a toll to his mental state and his behavioral status. Brittle was broken. It was irreversible, a permanent break from his persona.

What would you have done if you saw what has been happening to me? The ideal world does not exist, I'm telling you. I can attest to that. It is a far stretch but I believe that 99% of the population is inherently evil and from that 99%, a third from that are people who simply did not bother to care about the oppressed or wanted nothing to do with the oppressed, and the remaining two thirds belong to the oppressors. 1% belonged to the people who actually cared. I found none but I believe that there is that possibility.

You need not worry or call me hypocrite for I, myself, belong to that 99%. I do not know if the same can be said to the original me. He is in deep slumber and we took over his life.

I hope to keep him asleep until the day that I die. I don't want him to wake up without reputation left. I don't want him to live knowing that his entire destiny was broken.

My life is not worth living for. The fifth made me realize how broken I was right of the bat. I keep telling you about me and the fifth but I haven't finished second and third just yet.

Brittle, the second, he... you can hear me sighing off a lot, right? So, he... also gave up in the end after existing for two years. The first existed for six years, I think.

The next persona came to light and it was born from his brokenness. Overwhelmed with negativity, the third persona took the center stage and his name was APATHY."

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