Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 7: You think You know everything but You don't

"You know, I tried to keep myself normal as much as possible...

However, there was a fatal flow with everything that was happening... mainly... me.

I became APATHY, the unfeeling. Someone who had become insensitive to things and someone who did not care what they call him. I was branded, isolated, and hated.

People saw me as someone who was sick or on the verge of getting insane. You see, I hated that part. I hate them, I hate myself, I hate the world.

That wasn’t in the past tense because up until this moment that I am making this and perhaps after putting my memories into this Diaroom... I will never stop hating.

Yeah, that’s right. I am Number Four... my name is HATRED.

Now, going back with... uh... Apathy. This persona was broken to the point that he didn’t actually what people see. He would break from time to time. Every time he broke, I was able to get out.

Apathy, he is good at one thing... PERSUASIVE MANIPULATION...

I liked it. You might want to learn it too. He was too good at making people do what he wanted them to do at the cause of a bit of a graft and corruption.

He once made a schoolmate do an assignment for him. He once got the hearts of multiple women whom he just shoved away. If he wanted, he could’ve corrupted the minds of others. It was the real deal and it was destructive.

He also found her, our Ray of Hope. In hopes of bringing back ZERO, the original, Apathy tried to woo a woman and used her friends as the bridge to get to her.

There was something wrong though. Knowing Apathy, he was too unfeeling. People caught on with his façade and charade. However, that feeling he... we had for the Ray of Hope, IT WAS ALL REAL.

She became our obsession, our life goal, and our purpose to try to find a way to rid of ourselves so that ZERO will return and get himself back straight.

You’re just to good to be true~

Can’t take my eyes off you~

Tenent~ tenent~ ten tene nent~

Tenenent~ tenent~ ten tene nent~

Tenenent~ tenent~ ten tene nent~

Tenenent~ tenent~ teeeeeeeeen~


"Alright, Diaroom. Stop it, stop the memory... Diaroom, please stop it.
This past me had deep shit going on with himself, and I don't think that I am prepared to find out the rest of his teenage life.

What was that song, Diaroom?"

"Known as "I LOVE YOU BABY", it was a song by Frank Sinatra who was quite famous during his time before the reincarnated you from the past was born."

"Wow, okay...

I think that this person. I think that his life was worth it. Persuasive Manipulation, is it? I think that is a good skill to have. Seeing ghosts, nope. I'm not going to inherit that skill.

Ray of Hope...

Relationships, isn't it forbidden to have romantic relationships? I do remember that rule with you, Diaroom. NO ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS as far as our secret is concerned.

Well, in the end, he was just someone who was branded perhaps as insane to have such ideas as this. Most humans do not think outside the box, a fair few think outside of the box, there are rare occurrences where people think that there is no actual box at all, while there are some... like me... who can create and destroy boxes. I know that its very deep to understand but I live in this world now.

Don't worry, ME in the past, I won't do what you did. After I'm done with your life's story, I'll begin viewing the past life of the one before you. Maybe, I will find something worth inheriting. Persuasive Manipulation, it works 80% every time.

Alright, thanks for the time, Diaroom.

Until then...

Noel Von Gondra"

"He is gone...

I just need him to view and review my story more. The more he relives my story, the more I get to feel very much alive.

Preserving a part of myself into this room was worth the risk.

Hello, Diaroom. I want to ask you a question. Is there a way for me to return physically back to my previous life?"

"Yes, there is."

"You do not mind, right?"

"I am a room of memories. I link worlds together. I can physically transport anyone anywhere physically. No, I do not mind."

"Is time RELATIVE?"

"No, you can physically return immediately after your death."

"Has this ever been done before?"


"So, it means that I am the first. Why are you allowing me to do this?"

"You and the new owner are one and the same. There is no reason for me to restrict you."

"Final question, who am I, where did I come from, and what is my main purpose?"

"You are the seventh, CODENAME: ABADDON. You came from the fourth: HATRED, the fifth: ARCHANGEL, and the sixth: WRATH. Your main goal is to enact revenge.

"You're goddamn right, I do."

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