Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 8: He hasn't returned ever since

“Diaroom, he has not viewed my room for the past few weeks. Can you tell me why?”

“He will not view your Diaroom for a while. He is busy with his own life.”

“Why does he call this Diaroom of mine GALLERY?”

“He is still young and naïve. He may have memories about my place but it doesn’t mean that everything he says about me is correct.”

“I know that, that is the reason why I have to ask you directly. Are you able to replicate mementos?”

“I can.”

“Is there a memento from other past lives as absurd as a corpse?”

“There is a past life who was a serial killer. He used one of his victims as a memento.”

“I need a male body. Is there any twenty to thirty-year-old male corpse inside that I can possess?”


There are male corpses of the appropriate age that you can possess.”

“Is there a past life who lived as a necromancer? If not, then is there a memento book pertaining to the study of necromancy stashed in here?”


“I don’t think a book as absurd as that would exist in here though. I mean, nobody can resurrect the dead except for the Biblical Son of God or the Biblical God, himself, right?”

“I found a scroll about Soul Transfer.”

“What? For real? Who owned it?”

“The owner was a female who had lived for a very long time after transferring her body into a tree.”

“Take me to that past life’s Diaroom.”

“This Diaroom belonged to M. G. who died at the young age of 22 in suspicion of an alleged involvement with a witch. She was raped, tortured, and burned at stake by religious officials, DAMN. Her final words before supposed death were “Death is just the beginning.

The alleged involvement with a witch was not real. However, there was an involvement with a deity, according to these documents. I’m surprised that she never came out to tell her story personally.

The deity gave her a scroll of Soul Transference after a fateful encounter near a cliff. Fortunately, the deity of that world never knew about the Diaroom. What do you know, gods crave of your presence.”

“There was a previous incarnation whose life I ended when he tried to divulge of my presence to people.”

“What kind of person was this previous incarnation?”

“A sucker for fame and glory...”

“According to the documents, she transferred her soul to a tree near the village where she was burned to death. Her death premature death angered the deity so much that he or she condemned the kingdom to total damnation.

As a tree blessed with the power of a deity, she trampled the entire kingdom and turned it into a living forest, that’s cool. All forms of life were turned to fertilizer in the span of three days. A small portion of the kingdom survived the onslaught that happened as witnesses to tell the tale of their fallen kingdom.

Dubbed “the Blood Forest”, many pilgrims avoid the area completely. However, there were a few who tried to venture inside in hopes to find the massive amount of treasure. To no one’s surprise, nobody came back.

Diaroom, I want to speak to a physical memory of her. Can you do that?”


You may now converse with her.”

“My name is Abaddon. I am a memory just like you. I wish to make your acquaintance, M. G.”

“M. G., those are my initials. Mr. Abaddon, how is it that you are able to exist outside of just being a memory?”

“My dear, pardon my behavior but I need you to answer my questions first before I answer yours. You’ve taken the appearance of a Birch tree. Is there any way that I can have a conversation with you in your human form?”

“Ah, sorry. Although my human form would still look plant-like, will this be okay? I’m a human birch tree.”

“That’s okay. I guess we’ll have to settle with that. At the very least, you have a beautiful face to show me.”

“Please, you are teasing me.”

“Not really, I’m just honest. Anyway, what do you make of this memento of yours?”

“That is the scroll of Soul Transference. I used that to transfer my soul into my new body, this birch tree.”

“How did you do it?”

“I just memorized the written text and invoked it as I was being burned at stake.”

“It must’ve rough...”

“It was easy to die. Living with the pain is worse. So, will you answer my question now, Mr. Abaddon?”

“My story is complicated. In summary, my... I engraved my soul as my final memento in hopes that when my new incarnation would eventually view my life story, I would gain sentience and exist outside of being just a memory. It happened, and now, here I am.”

“The incarnation after I passed away never visited my Diaroom... it’s sad. May I speak to Diaroom?”

“Go ahead...”

“Diaroom, after conversing with Mr. Abaddon, will I forget that this ever took place?”

“Yes, you will return back to being just a memory, a storyteller.”

“Diaroom, make her an exemption. I need her to teach me how to read their alphabet.”

“What is this alphabet that you are talking about, Mr. Abaddon?”

“That is what we call the letters we use to read and right.”

“I see. In my world, we called it Gramm. I am willing to teach you only if Diaroom allows me to do it.”

"I should remind you, Master Abaddon, that you are currently in control of my dimension along with Master Noel. What you wish for is my command."

"Then, I want you to exempt Ms. Birch in the memory wiping. Also, I don't know if I already... Well... Please, keep my existence a secret to Noel Von Gondra.

"As you wish, Master Abaddon."

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