Diaroom: A Room of Abaddon's Memories

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Chapter 9: Serial Killer

"You are doing good, Mr. Abaddon. A little more and you'll be able to memorize our script."

"It takes a little time... but we getting there. Excuse me, I'll just to return to my Diaroom for a bit."

"Sure, I will wait. Take your time..."

"Diaroom, I want to know. Is there a Dr. Frankenstein-like reincarnation somewhere inside... or someone better? A genius biologist or what not?"


I found someone. He tried to resurrect his wife."

"Let me guess, he failed."

"He succeeded, not in resurrection, but in reanimation. He forgot the most important piece to fully resurrect a human being... the SOUL."

"So, he was eaten... that's a shame or he killed his wife again, that's worse. Take me to him. I want to have a conversation with him."

"I do not want to suggest talking to him. He is aggressive and mad with rage. He did the latter and committed suicide. I replicated the noose as his memento."

"If he tries to attack me, I'll attack back. What's his name anyway?"

"He goes by the initials SF."

"Oh, wait. Before we proceed to interacting with that memory, take me to the male corpse memento. I want to interact with the memory of the serial killer."

"Are you sure about it? Please be reminded that if your soul gets damaged and you die, you'll become a memory. I will not protect you."

"Yeah, about that. I don't need your protection. I still have the traits of the previous personas, the Demon to be specific."

"You do not need the Demon persona, I believe. You picked the name Abaddon for a reason, and that very reason is right in front of me... right now."

"I'm glad we had this conversation. Now, take me to the serial killer reincarnation."

"We have arrived, Master Abaddon. I have reawakened his consciousness. He will act like the same as MG."

"The theme of this Diaroom is quite profound. It's quite dull... grayscale to say the least... and yet ominously eerie. The more I look into it, the more I get disgusted. So, do you want to stay silent in that corner, or do you want to say something... Mr. Serial Killer?"

"wHo ArE yOu?"

"Right, I forgot. My name is Abaddon. I am the final memento my own past, my very soul."

"yOu, A mEmEnTo? WhAt MaKeS yOu ThInK tHaT a PeRsOn SuCh As MySeLf wOuLd TrUsT yOu?"

"How about you talk properly, eh? You see, I'm not really here for you. I'm here for one of your mementos. That male corpse over there that Diaroom highlighted with the green light, I need to have that replicated."

"My victims usually fall for my eccentric way of speaking. You don't look like a prey to me. You need that body, right?"

"For replication, yes."

"Why don't you take it from me then?"

"Ooh, you standing up like some punk ready to do some serial killing, it's not enough to drive me back into a corner. I came prepared as well."

"I was riddled with bullets when I got killed. However, I remembered gripping this knife tight in my hands. This knife is probably my final memento, am I wrong, Diaroom?"

"You are correct, Graffiti."

"So, you're serial killer name is Graffiti. You write on your victims' bodies... ugh, and I thought that you'd bring me to a clean body, Diaroom. Later, when I'm done with this serial killer, take me to a reincarnation who knows how to remove body scars... a dermatologist, I think."

"As you wish, Master Abaddon."

"Abaddon, eh? I don't think that we are from the same universe. Maybe, you came from a parallel one where our universe's histories differ slightly from the other. I know that your name is akin to a Demon Lord. It makes me think that you are using an alias."

"You are right, and then you are also wrong. You see, I named myself Abaddon because my predecessor's name was the Demon. Also, what a coincidence. I also have this knife as one of my mementos. I was thinking of using it instead of being just a display. Are you ready?"

"One last question, DO YOU FEAR DEATH?"

This guy is making smile, "YES. I DO FEAR IT."

"Then, let me hear you beg for your life."

"I'm not done when I said that I do fear it. As I said, I do fear it. I do fear that if I let loose again, you'll die~"

"I'm impressed and at the same time horrified of that roar, Master Abaddon. You were smiling the entire time. I would like to congratulate you for your first murder crime, however, what you killed is just a memory. It doesn't count as a real life murder. He will return again as a mere storyteller when he is visited in the future."
"You don't say... anyway, I need you to carry that male corpse over there. Tell me, was that corpse violated or was he just killed instantly?"

"Graffiti killed him instantly, Master Abaddon. Stabbed in the heart once. He pushed him away and let him bleed to death. He washed that body afterwards, and started scribbling on it."

"Among the scribbles, what was the most striking one?"


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