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The blind girl...

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The poison of the blind girl and humanity...

This is H.I.L.L
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The unhappy one

Her name was Gratus. She had a mother, a father, a brother, and a sister. They all lived together in a big and secured house. So secured that there were three security guards at the front gate. The house was so big that you could play hide n seek in there for a long time. The house was filled with so many bedrooms, you couldn’t really count. They had so much food provided and there wasn’t any chance that one day they wouldn’t have food. All was well and everybody was happy.... just not Gratus. Gratus wanted more than just so many bedrooms, she wanted millions of them. Gratus wanted more than just a big house, she wanted a massive mansion and Gratus wanted more than just three security guards, she wanted thousands So because of all that she wanted, her unhappiness started to spread amongst her family and this caused arguments between her and her family. Her parents did hire two mare security guards but she still wasn’t happy. So she thought that maybe she could have it all and do everything herself so she decided to run away.

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