The Haunted Mansion

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Veronica Hill is set on visiting the town's abandoned mansion which is rumored to be haunted. Allured by the various ghost sightings and the rumors surrounding it, she drags her two friends along with her. Little does she know that she had signed up more than just a visit to the haunted mansion in that very moment.

Mystery / Thriller
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Chapter 1

There was this mansion in our town, that was known to be haunted. There were various ghost sightings that went on for roughly 20 years, and then there were nothing. As time passed, nobody remembered the story related to the Richmonds, the very family who lived in the said mansion. The mansion was old and needed much repairment as it was neglected for decades. Nobody wanted to move in, and it soon became a nuisance of the town as there were rumors that teenagers went there to get wild, drink and do drugs. When the town started its redevelopment plan, running over old buildings and construct some new apartments, churches and such, the mansion was a part of it with no surprise. It was due to be run over in 3 months, and I finally developed enough courage to visit there.

I was always fascinated with the supernatural elements, though I was definitely no psychic. The idea that there might be another world of supernatural, so close to humans yet so far, was intriguing to me. I had asked several of my friends to go to the old mansion with me, and with no surprise, Noah and Charlie were up for it.

“I have no idea why you would want to go there,” Charlie said, wrinkling her nose in distaste as she scrammed everything in her bag. The class has ended early today, perfect to prepare and scout the mansion.

“The mansion will be run over soon. We won’t have any chance to really look around once the workers start bashing the place.” I said, neatly arranging the textbooks in my bag before zipping it up. My cheeks were pink with excitement as I started picturing the mansion, just waiting for me to take a tour.

“You’ve always had a strange interest about that place. I thought your mom had banned you from going there.” Charlie said, raising her eyebrow skeptically.

“Oh please. That was when I was like, 5 years old or something. It’s fine. I’ve already bought everything I need.” I said, smirking widely as I remembered all the goodies I had in store.

“Tell me you didn’t buy another crap, V.” A voice came from behind me as a familiar arm hung on my shoulder. I turned around to face Noah, rolling my eyes, huffing.

“When have I bought crap?” I asked as we all made our way to Noah’s car. He was really proud of his old KIA since he had bought it all by himself by working part-time during countless vacations. Charlie sat next to Noah like usual while I sat at the back, slumping as soon as my back met the seat.

“Honestly that question is so ridiculous. You remember when V bought that ridiculous wax stamp only to use it once, Charlie?” Noah asked as he put the car in gear.

Charlie snorted as she fastened her seatbelt. “At least she actually used that one. I have never seen her use that huge ass flamingo tube that she bought.”

I scowled. “No fair. I am gonna use it once summer kicks in.”

Charlie turned around to face me. “You bought that two summers ago.”

I shrugged as I smiled sheepishly. “Oops?”

Noah shook his head as he turned on the radio. “So what did you buy?”

“Well, I googled what I would need for Ghost Hunting, and this expert said that I would need a voice recorder, a camera, and some other fancy stuff that was out of my budget!” I said excitedly, hugging Charlie from behind, wrapping my arms around her seat.

“Why do you need to buy a voice recorder? You can just use your phone.” Charlie said as she started playing with my hand.

“I know, I know. But I wanted to feel like an expert so I bought it anyway.” I said, feeling giddy.

“And the camera?” Noah asked.

“Well, I already have that camera that my dad bought me at my birthday 3 years ago.” I shrugged.

“You really think we will be able to capture or see some ghosts?” Noah asked, raising an eyebrow at me through the front mirror.

“Well, I sure hope so. Have I said that I bought an Ouija board as well?” I said, grinning widely as Charlie let out a gasp. Noah’s eyebrow stayed up as he glanced at me.

“An Ouija board?!” Charlie said, almost like a scream.

“Yeah! We can talk with the spirits!” I said, thinking how fun it would be if we were to meet a real-life ghost.

“Uh, you guys know it is scientifically proven to be bullshit, right?” Noah said, making me frown.

“Don’t be a buzzkill, Noah. Charlie was totally afraid just now.” I said, snickering.

“But I have heard so many stories that were just...” Charlie trailed off, shivering.

“Well, we are going to find out whether it works or not later!” I said, patting Charlie’s head as Noah parked the car in front of my house. We all made our way to my room after grabbing some snacks from the kitchen. My parents were both working and my brother would probably come home later after he was done playing hoops.

“So. This is the Ouija board, huh?” Noah said, plopping down on the floor as he grabbed the board, inspecting it. Charlie was eyeing it like it was a ticking time bomb, ready to explode in her face.

“Relax, Charlie. We didn’t even start playing it yet.” I said, snickering once more as I grabbed the board from Noah, sticking it in my bag along with a backup flashlight. It was already 6 pm, and it was bound to get dark soon.

“Do we really have to go there? I don’t think we should.” Charlie said in a small voice, which was very unlike her. Noah started rubbing her back, seeing Charlie was upset.

“Nothing wild is going to happen, Charlie. Like I said, The Ouija board is proven to be bull. We will just quickly look around the place and after, we can go to Wendy’s.” Noah said, smiling as Charlie sighed.

“Frosty and fries?” Charlie said, raising her eyebrow. Noah laughed as he ruffled Charlie’s hair.

“My treat.” He said.

“Now if you two are done, Let’s go before it gets dark. We don’t want Charlie to freak out more.” I said, dodging Charlie as she tried to slap my back. The girl had a hell of a slap.

Charlie’s reaction had also made me want to rethink about visiting the mansion, but I soon shook my head. I had wanted to visit the mansion for years. Now I didn’t have enough time. It was now or never.

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