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The Halfway Perfect Town (Book 1)

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Easthallow Town is a town where nothing bad ever happens and everyone’s happy and living there lives. There’s no crime, murder or kidnapping. For Madison Foster it's the start of Freshman year for her. She comes from a very wealthy family. She is excited and can't wait. Along with her best friends. What they doesn't realize is that this year is gonna be a nightmare. What starts off as a disappearance, completely turns into murder. The killer is targeting them one by one and you don't know who's next. Why is this happening? Who is the person behind it? And how can one perfect town suddenly turn into the most scariest place? Throw in school drama, lies, secrets, romance, and killer and we have whole mystery to solve. One thing we sure know is that this town will never be the same again.

Mystery / Thriller
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(Third Person Point of View)

It was about ten o’clock that night. The sky was dark, and the moon shined in the sky. No stars. The only light was the streetlights that were too far away from him.

He walked and walked through the dark forest. His shoes were muddy and old, and his clothes were raggedy from working all day. His beard which he hasn’t shaved in weeks covered his face, making him look scary. He dressed in all black, with a hoodie covering his face and with black gloves on his hands.

He kept walking till he reached the street. Then he looked up and saw these enormous mansions with fountains in the front. The gates they had were closed. All of them had vast yards with trees surrounding them.

“Rich people,” he sneered.

He stood there just watching the house. saw the front door open and a man and woman walked out. He watched as they stood there talking for a moment before the man popped the trunk open.

They were still talking when suddenly they opened again, and two girls came out. One looked a lot older than the other. They went up to the woman which was their mom and hugged her. The man closed the trunk and went to put something in the backseat. The girls then went to their dad and hugged him.

He walked closer to them, hiding behind trees, making sure they couldn’t see him. He knew it was them. He could just tell by their faces.

The dad then pulled away and got in the car and so did the mom. They pulled out the driveway, unlocked the gate, and were on the road. He watched their car drive down the road till he couldn’t see them anymore.

He turned back to the girls who were making their way into the house. He walked closer till he was in a suitable distance from them but couldn’t see their faces. He could finally get a better look at them. The taller one was a teenager around the age of maybe sixteen or seventeen. The shorter was maybe around twelve or thirteen. They both had long dark brown hair and light skin that was kinda tan.

They walked back up the steps and into the house. He thinking about sneaking in, but he decided not to. I got plenty of time to do that; he thought. He then walked back into the forest and down the streets.

He walked and walked till he reached another Mansion and watched another family. They only had one child who was a female and a teenager. The parents were arguing, and the daughter looked bored. He looked around at their fancy cars and stuff. A smirk made his way onto his face. Looks like they both haven’t changed a bit, he said to himself.

He left that Mansion and went to another. Then another. Then Another. He watched family after family and made sure they all couldn’t see him. Soon he finally reached his last one. Except for this one had no lights on. Not a single one. They wouldn’t be here.

“Why am I not surprised,”, he muttered.

He rolled his eyes and made his way back to the forest. As he walked through it, the trees swished and swayed and the wind howled. This would make anyone afraid of walking through here at night. Anyone but him. The wind didn’t bother him one bit. I guess because he was used to it. He felt nothing; he was just numb.

He walked till he reached this old shabby small house. He walked inside, kicked off his mud shoes, took the gloves off, and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He went over to his chair, sat down, and turned the tv on.

The football game was on, but he wasn’t paying attention. He was thinking about all the houses he visited and those families. They were so busy with their own lives that they didn’t even notice what was happening around them. How dare they just live in their wealth with their fancy house and their fancy cars? They probably didn’t even remember him. If they did, they wanted to forget the past and forget what had happened.

But he never forgot, and he never would. They should rot for what they did to him. They ruined his lives and now they living in a perfect world.

That made him so angry he threw the beer at the wall and it shattered into pieces. He breathes heavily for a few minutes and closed his eyes to calm down.

Soon they will feel the pain he went through. They will feel what it’s like to lose someone you care about and love. Their lives shattered to pieces and the world crashing down. Not able to pick up the pieces and fix it. They deserve everything that’s coming to them. They will want to be begging for mercy. That’s a fact.

Soon, he thought. Soon.

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