Her Dying Fate

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Sarah never understood why her dreams happen to turned into twisted reality. Nor why she felt there was some part of her missing, as if a vital part of her core being had been stole. This hollow sensation only grow the more she got to know her boss, Jace. There was something about his brown eyes and the way they seemed to flicker red, when ever they touched. Depict his best efforts, Sarah knew he knew something she didn't. How can Sarah have dreams of accidents before they happen? And what is it that Jace knows?

Mystery / Romance
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Sweet Thorns and Bitter Roses

Intertwine your hands in mine, let the thorns of your roses puncture through my skin, deep into my blood, let your love flow in. Keep me close entangled in your sheets, let us bleed out till death, for your love is my sin. Touch like feather kisses, your fingers print bruises on my skin. If passion were visible it would show all over me. Whisper words so sweet and delicate, lies covered in honey fill my ears. Despite our paths having crossed and intertwined you are still my greatest mystery and I your finest prey.

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