Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 9 : Drowning Sorrows

I had never taken to drowning my sorrows but something in me had surrendered to the toxic healing method. So here I was sitting in a bar, actively chasing the pain away with multiple shots of an unknown liquor.

Usually spring nights were warm, yet for some reason the air felt cool on my skin, causing chills to run down my spin as I made my way out of the wooden bar doors.

I was hit with the outside air, it’s force pushing me into which ever direction it flowed, taking me down a collection of paths, until I was aimlessly wondering in the midst of hidden alleys.

Amongst the pointless directions I had taken, I was met with a yellow tape that seem to illuminate in the darkness of the night. Its surface covered in the words “crime scene”.

As my eyes wondered over the scene before me, I could almost still see the red ink that stain the ground beneath my feet. Depict the blur that painted over my sight, I knew exactly where I was. Imprinted in mind, it was impossible to forget, even in my drunken state, I could clearly envision the scene that had haunted my dreams, without fault.

Stumbling as I reach down to touch the ground, in an attempt to clear my doubts.

I had drowned my sorrows with too much liquor that once the blood had rushed to my head so did the urge to clear out my stomach.

But before I was able to, a voice called out, making me admittedly freeze in place.

“What are you doing here?” the males voice echoed in the dime alley.

I heard quick foot steps before I saw two feet in front me.

“You shouldn’t be here” The spoke again, but just as I was about to answer the odd feeling returned.

Before I knew it, not only the evident marks on the floor but also the shoes that belonged to the man were covered, in a mix of browns, with an unpleasant smell. “argh!” the man screeched unimpressed with the new coat that now covered his shoes.

It wasn’t until I looked up, to apologise that I realised who the man was.

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