Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 10 : Two Guardian Angles

The sound of metal clashing with metal echoed as the cold bar doors were forced shut behind me, in a thump of agony. I could hear the the bolt click stilling the trembling metal bars, permanently sealing my fate behind them.

Depict my protest, no one paid much attend to my antics, a few simple “shut ups” here and there before they finally agreed to give me one phone call if I promise I would stop.

But thanks to my luck, no one had picked up the phone.

I sat there with nothing but the remains of the taste of liquor that had once seem sweet but now was simply bitter company.

Lost in thought, I failed to notice my phone that had been confiscated, had begun to ring.

It wasn’t until an office had answered it that suddenly I question daunted me, who was it that called?

(Jace’s POV)

After, a hectic day Jace finally sat down and court his breath.

Rolling his neck in an attempt to relax his muscles but it only seem to tense him even more.

He hadn’t realise how much stress you actually carried for him, or how much work you managed to help him complete. He had spent hours on something that with your help, would have been finished in a matter of minutes. As much as he hated to admit it, he need you.

Taken out of his thoughts by the opening of his office door, Jace had almost expected it to be you, since you were always stay up late with him, to help finalise projects, but when the door revealed the intruder, he sighed once again as it was only another office lady, carrying what he hoped was the last stack of files he needed to go through. “just leave them there” Jace said annoyance lacing his voice.

Once the office door closed, Jace went back to starring at the phone on his desk, like he had been for the last hour. He had tried to will himself to dial your number but his ego, refuse to let him.

After willowing him his self pity, Jace swallowed his pride and rang your number only to be met but a male voice.

He could describe the heated sensation that rose as his mind registered that the voice he heard was not your but the thing that got him the must was that it was a males voice.

Jace couldn’t comprehend why he felt like this. Why he felt so jealous but this quickly faded after the mans next words. Not even letting him finish before placing the phone back down and heading out the door.

(Elijah’s POV)

Elijah could only remember seeing Sarah like this once, her body carelessly stretched out on the jail cell bench, head leaning helplessly against the metal bars as she attempted to cool the hammering echos that pounded at her head.

Now watching her, he couldn’t help but find himself wondering what would have happened if fate hadn’t taken such a large part of both of them. If they could hold the small angle in their hands once again, would they have stayed together, or were they destine to fall apart either way.

The sound of a door slamming open, had pulled Elijah out of his thoughts. Turning he met a pair of brown eyes, Elijah could have sworn that he saw a flash of red as they registered his presence, but in a wink of an eye, they returned to their original deep brown.

“Can you be quiet?!”

(Sarahs POV)

A loud bang woke me from my nap, the sound echoing in my head worsening the already arching pain. I looked up only to find four pairs of eyes starring worryingly at me. Despite the blurriness I manage to recognise one of their faces. It wasn’t hard to as I had stared at it many times before, tracing their features with my eyes, recording every each of skin to memory.

“Elijah?” The words slipped my lips in a whisper.

Upon hearing his name he stepped closer. Eye’s scanning over me as if searching for any signs of injuries but he new it wasn’t on the surface that my wounds laid it was deep within the skin, where my heart laid, that was were I was hurt. An open wound that refused to remain closed.

While we starred at each other, a police office had begun to open the metal door, stepping aside to let me out.

As I looked upon my surroundings, I began to realise that it was four pairs of eyes that I saw but simply two. One belonging to Elijah and the other belonged to...Jace.

“What are you doing here?” I question, my surprise evident in my tone. Jace seem to forget he was visible, slightly jumping at the call of his name.

“I-I called you and one of the police men answered” He said, seeming-lessly avoiding my mean question, knowing that I wouldn’t notice in my current state.

“Oh” I simply said, turning my attention back to Elijah, who’s eyes never left me. “Do you mind” I spoke slightly annoyed at his stare, as it sent an odd rush of heat over me.

Feeling uncomfortable under the pressure of both Jace’s and Elijahs piercing stares, fiddled with the fabric of the shirt I was wearing.

“Well thank you for coming”

I said stumbling on my words. They both looked at me confuse, before there eyebrows rise in question. They were almost in sync, making me question where it was my mind messing with me or if they were identical in there actions.

“It’s late I should go home” I spoke knowing how stupid it sounded but not caring as all I wanted was to get out and away from there.

It was Jace who spoke out first “And how do you expect to get home?” he questioned knowing I wouldn’t have a reasonable answer. “Walk.” I said

This caused Elijah to shake his head, having enough of my drunken antics “I’ll drive you” he said grabbing hold of my forearm, pulling me towards the door.

I was to out of it to protect despite how much I wanted to refuse. As if Jace could sense my silent plead, he took a hold of my other arm, stepping Elijah from pulling me any further. “I’ll take her” Jace said, although it sounded me like a warning then a statement “After all she is MY personal assistant.”

This seem to make Elijah tighten his hold, eyes turning dark with anger and annoyance. He was always protective of me but that was when I was his.

Before he could protest, I ripped my arm from his hold standing beside Jace “I want him to take me home” I said avoiding looking at Elijahs eyes that now reflected hurt but it was only fair after all it was he who hurt me first.

I turned to Jace to see his features freeze in confusion and disbelief. “Lets go” I said heading towards the door, pasting Elijah without a second glance.

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