Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 12 : Stay

(Jaces POV)

Jace and Sarah had sat in silence as they drive to her house. Jace was contemplating whether he was required to or even allowed to enter.

No words were spoken even as she entered her house leaving the door wide open, a silent answer to Jaces unspoken question.

As he walked in he was surprisingly greeted by a hall filled with paintings and sketches all sign “Sarah”. He had never known she was good at art, let alone like it.

As the silence settled further, Jace realised that Sarah had left him helplessly alone at the front door.

Wondering the hall to find her, Jace observed the following curious objects that he would have never related back to Sarah. A piano, that seemed to be frequently played as there were various music notes scatting the surrounding floor. A room filled to the brim with books from various genres. Then there was a picture wall, that contain one photo that seem to capture Jace’s attention. A photo of Sarah holding a small baby. There was something about the way she held the small human, that seem to bother Jace.

Finally he came to a halt, in front of Sarah’s bedroom door. It was wide open giving Jace a view of the characteristics of her room.

“Help” Sarah spoke, for the first time since they had arrived.

Jace walked over to her curious of what her request, required him to do.

Yet when he reach her, she was innocently fighting with her hair tie that refused to let go of her soft brown locks.

One he had successfully untangled her hair, Jace let it fall onto her shoulders.

Whispering a quick “thank you” Sarah once again left Jace helplessly lost and headed towards her bed.

She let herself fall into the warming embrace of her sheets, almost immediately closing her eyes.

Jace stood watching her, admiring her peaceful face and the way her hair laid scatter in a beautiful mess.

After a few seconds past, Jace manage to pull himself out of his daze, turning the nightlight off.

As he was about to leave a hand grabbed his “Stay” Sarah whispered.

In the dark Jace could barely make out her figure, as she shifted over providing some space for him to lay.

Jace didn’t know what came over him but he found himself settling next to her.

He would be lying if he said he didn’t feel slitty awkward. It seemed like it was visible on the surface too as Sarah shifted closer and whispered “it’s okay” before place her head on his chest, slipping peacefully into dreamland.

There was something oddly calming about the way he could feel her heart beat, it seemed to relax him and soon he found himself not far behind, joining her in her blissful slumber.

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