Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 2 : Wide Awake

“Sarah,” a voice called, dragging me out of the darkness that had fallen upon me.

When i opened my eyes I sighed, realising what i had been doing.

“You fell asleep again,” the voice spoke again. My eyes wondered up his suit to his tie over his toned muscular shoulders then finally landed on his unimpressed eyes. If I could I would slap myself for being such a fool but that would only further my bosses disappointment in me. “May I remind you that you are my secretary and I do not pay you to sleep” His voice of stun, as he looked down at me.

I hadn’t ever taken much time into looking at him but my drowsy state, had lead my eye to wonder over his features. It wasn’t until now that I realised how handsome he actually was.

He had a strong jawline yet his skin seemed so soft, and his eyes were an alluring brown.

He raised an eyebrow, in question making me realising that I had been staring at him for too long to be considered normal.

“I- s-sorry,” I stuttered, unable to find a good enough excuse to save me. so I settled with “It won’t happen again” knowing he wasn’t going to take any of my excuses anyway.

I was expecting yet again another lecture but instead was greeted with a nod followed by the words “I hope so” before he placed some files on my desk and heading back into his office.

I starred as his figure disappeared behind the large office doors, allowing me to release a breathe that I was unknowingly holding.

As if by magic the office that was seconds ago silent in fear, of the bosses presences, had now transformed into a lively space, filled with the chatters and the laughter of my fellow peers.

It was a usual occurrence. Whenever the Boss entered the room, everyone even the cleaners seemed to tense, moving out of his path as if the air around him was ponisious and avoided any eye contact if possible.

But once everyone was sure he was gone, they would go back to normal, working of course but also chatting to keep their boredom at bay.

Although, it was some what chaotic when lunch approached. Everyone was overly hungry, which meant once the clock strikes 12 the race began. If you were the last to make it to the kitchen sadly it meant little to no food left for you to eat. And because my desk was right in front of the bosses office. I was the farthest from the kitchen which meant I was always left to eat the crumbs.

Luckily, though, I had Kasey. Being almost always the first one to make it to the kitchen, she would always save me some food, making sure to hide it well in the back of the office fridge behind the piccolos, because no one ever looked behind those.

Just as expected as soon as the clock striked 12, the horde of employee raced to the kitchen. Having come to terms with my fate, I decided to take my time, clearing my desk in preparation for my meal. By the time I finished shifting stacks of files onto the floor beside my desk and yes i do mean stacks of files, most of the crowd in the kitchen had disappeared.

Making my way to the kitchen, I was greeted with smiles and small talk, before being presented with a cup of tea. It’s intoxicating sweet aroma, filling my nasals as I brought the warm cup up to my lips letting the sweetness melt in my mouth, before retrieving my meal from it’s hiding place.

When I finally made it out of the kitchen and to my seat I wasted no time in devouring my food. Hungry was an understatement, I was staving. I can’t even remember the last time I ate. I had forgotten to eat dinner last night and since i had woken up late I had no time to eat breakfast.

I took in a mouthful, savouring each and every flavour of my meal, the salt, the sweet and even the tangy flavours that were hidden amongst the dish, in descise.

“Honey, your eating that like it’s the last piece of meat on the planet.” A voice interrupted me, making me not so graciously look up, half way through taking another bite.

“Yeah, Sarah, denfinetly not cute.” kasey said as she chuckled at my innocent facial expression.

When I finished my last mouthful, I whipped my lips and looked back up at Kasey, who was patiently waiting for me to finish, knowing me well enough to know that this was probably of first meal of the day.

“When will you start taking care of yourself, sarah” Kasey said, pity evident in her eyes, shadowing me with guilt.

“I know-its just...” I sighed giving up on my explanation because truthfully I didn’t have one.

Sensing my inner battle, kasey took lead in changing the conversation.

“Anyway...me and a couple of the others are going out after work, you should come, it’ll be fun”

I pretended to take a moment to think but knowing Kasey, I knew she wouldn’t take no for answer, and by the sly smirk she was giving me she knew I had no choice but to accept her offer.

“Great, I’ll text you the details” Kasey said, her voice echoing her content, leaving with a spring in her step as she yelled a “see you later” over her shoulder.

Shaking my head in laughter at her antics, I too went back to work knowing I had a stack of files screaming for my attention and only a few more hours left to finish them.

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