Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 3 : The Prophesy

The air was lite with laughter, that reflected the bright, vivid colours of the carnival tents.

The crowd weeved it’s way through the maze of delightful commotion, parting in several directions as each persons attention was captivated by various different alluring scenes.

And just like every other soul, I too found myself drawn to an intriguing act of magic.

Soon I was joined by a small crowd that had gathered, and began to watch, in a dizzy haze, as the performer before them attempted to hypnotise his audience (pray) with his magical talents.

Once accomplished he turned towards another guest and began tampering with there cautious minds, seamlessly spinning the crowd in to a continuous cycle of amazement.

Soon I was pulled once again into the wondering tide of human bodies, adventuring into a universe of cotton candy before coming to a halt in-front of a glistening purple tent.

My eyes wondered over to a small wooden sign that laid nailed to the ground beneath it.

Golden cursive letters stained it’s dark brown surface, with the words “Fortune teller” above an illustration of a cryptical ball.

A small gush of winded dusted the opening of the tent, letting me have a glimpse of what laid inside.

To my surprise, nothing but a small wooden table, could be seen. Atop the wooden table was a purple crystal ball which seem to light up it’s surround space, almost as if it were glowing in the dark.

I found my feet walking closer and closer to the illuminating light, as if I was no longer controlling my own actions.

As I stood in front of the crystal ball, I reached out a hand, letting my fingers grace the fragile glass. It’s cold surface sent a tingling sensation through to the tips of my fingers before manifesting into a shivering wave that traveled down the back of my spine.

Making me instantly retract my hand from its touch.

A loud buzzing hum accompanied by the pounding beats of my heart, echoed in the silence before a voice shattered them causing my heart to abruptly stop.

from the shadows a figure appeared before me. Her shrivelled face held a sinister smile as she welcomed me to a set. Hastily I took it, unable to find my voice, to refuse her offer.

“Hello, my dear,” she spoke, her voice oddly young for her withered state.

“I see you have looked, but could not see. Yet felt but could not comprehend. Is this true?,” the lady questioned.

As I went to ask what it was the lady meant, she found that for some strange reason she could not speak. Leaving me to stare in confusion as the lady seem uninterested in my answer anyway, continuing to speak as if she had never asked a question.

“I sense that fate has lead you to me. There must be something the spirts want to tell you,”

Reaching out her wrinkled hand, she grabbed mine, which was rested on the table before me lazily. She pulled my hand towards her, turning it in her cold hold so that my palm was facing her.

She studied my hands, as if she could see letters written in the lines of my palm. “I see” she mumbled, this time holding my hand in her, while placing her free hand a top the crystial ball. I

Instantly it’s purple light faded, turing into a grey cloud before forming into a deathening red, Making my stomach twist in an unsettling way.

As if on clue, the lady tightened her grip, causing me to slightly jump in my set. When i final found the courage to look up at the lady, her brown eyes had turn black.

“She who is blind and he who’s sight has seen unspoken horrors.

It is he who’s eyes shine with the blood of those who’ve pasted.

It is his hands that have taken pain away but that touch means darkness.

He who’s name taste of poisonous on innocent lips.

He who brings death is death.

And she, his final prey.”

The fear that had etched it’s self to me, was too unbearable. I was terrified, yet I was frozen in place, eyes never leave the empty, dark orbs that starred back at me.

It wasn’t until the crystal ball had turned back into it’s original purple glow, that I was awaken from my state of shook. Not thinking twice as i ripped my hand from her grasp, escaping back out into the crowd of people.

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