Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 4 : Bedded Demons

My ears filled with the thrill-full laughter of passing children, each with an amuse shimmer dancing along there curious eyes.

The crowd was a scatter of various flavours, from lawyers, to teachers, to council member and the occasional book keeper here or there. And of course buried amongst the adults were the children varying from all different shapes and sizes, painting a picture of the ever evolving world.

My eyes searched the crowd looking for the familiar forms of my friends.

As my glance wondered across to one of the stands, I spotted Kasey and my other colleague. My feet moving towards them without bothering to look at where I was going, until my body collided with a hard chest, sending me back a step.

Confused in a daze as I looked up to meet the blazing rays of the diving sunlight, before the figure in front of me became clear. my eyes widen in shock when they met a honey-glazed pair. “Boss?”

A weak sensation spiralled in the pit of my stomach, as I court my mind from running off.

“S-sorry, sir I didn’t mean to run into you” I spoke, stuttering as I regained my composure. He shook his head and just as I thought he was about to accept my apology he scoffed “next time watch where your going”, he spat out as he pushed past me, leaving me in shock.

“Rude much” I thought to myself before coming back from my thoughts as a hand was waved infant of me. “Sarah? hello?”

It was Kasey. I shook my head as if to wake myself up. “oh. yeah sorry. I was looking for your’s when I ran into our boss” I said receive a shocked expression from her, as she looked around seraching for him “really” she spoke, not believe me “what would he be doing here?” she question.

I shrugged “probably on a date or something” I said, this time kasey laughted “a date. who on earth would date him? he’s so cold hearted. no, way he’s probably doing some business with the people who run these carnivals or something” I busted nodded not really caring about what our boss was doing here. but i would be lying if i said i wasn’t a little bit curious as to why he was here.

The thought refused to leave me even long after I left the carnival grounds and was within the four familiar walls that I called home.

As I laid in my bed starring up at the roof as if I could see through its layers and out on to the star lit skies. I found my mind drifting into a blissful silent slumber, where my unconscious mind awaits my presence.

Beautiful brown eyes captured Clare’s, they were so familiar that she could almost paint there every detail with her eyes closed.

hidden behind them she could see the aching red that desperately tried to remain hidden.

But like glass their sincere brown shattered into the blood red that glowed in the darkness of the night.

Clare knew this day would come but she had hoped her love was enough to tame the demons that lingered in his heart.

As he stepped closer she tired to force her lips to form the words she was dying to say, but nothing but a puff of air escape her, as she felt herself being pushed into the roaring tides behind her.

Only one thought remained “we will meet again”.

As if a shot of lightening ran through my veins, I jolted up, awakened from my slumber.

Depict how many times I had awoken like this, I could never get use to the strange feeling that was left lingering in my mind, causing shivers to run down my spin. I felt almost as if my dreamed was more like a memory but I shook the thought away, as I opened my bedside table draw.

I looked inside, scattering through the lose sheets of papers until my hand found the shape of a familiar small white cylinder container.

praying that the small tablets haven’t lost there magic touch.

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