Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 5 : Endeavorers

Pull the heavy sheets off, I managed to force my weak legs to the bathroom as I freshened up before breakfast.

As I stared into the mirror, my eyes wonder over the silent reflection that gazed back at me. Her long dark brown hair, in a tangled mess, that wrapped around her, sculpting her small. Despite her fatigued eyes, her freshened skin and plumped lips, revealed a refined woman, who took prided in her self-care routines.

After struggling to win the battle that was, detangling my hair, I finished the rest of my morning routine, in a hurry as I found that the clock on the wall no longer said that I would be early to work, on the contrary i was already 10 mins late.

I was never one who liked being rushed. It was a habit in fact to arrive a least an hour early to any and everything, a habit I can thank my mother for as it was her where this absurd quirk manifested from.

As I stumbled into the office i was greeted by none other then curious eyes that wondered over me in disbelief. confusion must have painted there minds as they saw me, for the first time arriving late to work. Some even had a tint of fear, not of me but fear of what awaited me at my desk. A very unsatisfied Boss.

As I walked to my desk, the first thing my eyes saw was a figure leaning on my desk, arms crossed impatiently waiting.

Boy was I in trouble.

“Your late” he spat as I approached my desk, the venom that laced his words were visible in the strength of his glare. “And now because of you, i’m late for a meeting”

With out giving me time to explain, he already began walking back to he’s office calling over shoulder “you better be ready in 5 mins and waiting in the car”.

Rushing to collect all the documents we need, I made my way down the fire escape stairs to the back door where a sleek black inked car was waiting.

As I slide inside it’s cool lather sets kissed my skin, sending a light chill to run over me.

I sat mind in a fog as I recalled my latest dream, something about those red eyes seemed so familiar. Submerged in my thoughts, I failed to notice that the seat beside me was now occupied.

Their unnoticed presence filling me with the scent of fresh lavender entangled with a strong masculine smell. As if the two were at war with each other, I felt my sense of smell become overwhelmed with the mix of aromas. “acho” I sneezed, apologising to no one in particular, that was until I hard a annoyed sigh from beside me, “I hope your not sick, I have too many important meetings this week and i can’t afford my assistant taking a sick leave.”

I almost jump out of my skin not expecting to see my boss sitting beside me. I quickly apologised again before turning to look out the window, staring at the trees that pasted us by, wondering when we started moving.

We drove past countless buildings, buildings that seem to stretch out higher then the clouds and begun the bounds of the universe. Glass silhouette over lapping and blending to create a fortress of buildings surrounding the busy streets of the city.

Driving past familiar streets Sarah found herself memorised. She could almost paint our steps through out the city, know exactly which route to go where. It was like her memories were embedded into the pavement through out the city.

As the car slowed down Sarah found herself staring up at a tall glass structure “we’re here” he boss beside her spoke as her door opened revealing a seamlessly lit up sign with the words “The Grand Hotel” written effortlessly in cursive gold. Something about the name seemed to capture her thoughts but it wasn’t long until her boss had pulled her back to reality, by dumping the files he had been reading in the car, into her arms “here, take these” he said before heading inside, leaving her following suit behind.

Walking past the large glass doors was like entering another world. The hotel was cover in crisp white marble floors, grand floor to celling windows and elegant gold strips tying the place together.

The soft tune of a violin and piano, danced in the air and echo through the elevator as we made our way to the top floor.

If the first floor was grand then the top floor was heaven on earth. As if the clouds were guarding the delight glass windows, they surround the building, acting as a barrier between the world and us.

“Ahh I see you like the view” A voice spook, it took sarah a few silent seconds to realise that the comment was directed to her. forcing her eyes to look away from the view, she turn to the direction of the view, only to be meet with a pair of familiar brown eyes.


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