Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 6 : Unburied Past

(Back to Sarah pov.)

“Hello dear” he said, he’s tone mimicking the soft yet seductive smirk on his face.

“Long time no see”

If there was an open window, Sarah would more then gladly, jump out but to her luck she was surrounded by windows but none of which were or could be opened.


It had been years since she said that name, and as soon as it left her lips her heart felt heavy with the memories it carried.

“You two know each other?”

It was my boss who broke the silence, sensing the heaviness that was settling between us.

I would of respond to the oblivious question myself, but it was unnecessary as Elijah responded

“yes, childhood friends” he said unhesitatingly, as if telling lies came naturally.

Although it wasn’t completely a lie but the full story was one Sarah wouldn’t want to retell.

“Ahh I see, while Elijah we have business to discus so if you don’t mind rekindling later”

“ahh Jace, always so professional but impatient.” taking one final look at Sarah, Elijah, called over one of his servants

“Mary, do me a favour and take care of Sarah while me and Jace discuss business” and with that they both left, leaving Sarah to herself. And soon enough she became entangled in her own thoughts, drifting into the past.

(Sarah dreaming about the past)

Laughter filled the air, reflecting the bright sunshine and the echoing yellows of the sunflower-ed field.

“Look, there’s another one” Elijah yelled pointing out into the distance where a small fluffy bunny stood on a rock.

We laughed as we continued to aimlessly chase the small ball of fluff across the field.

“Hey, wait for me” I cried out, seeing how fast he was compared to me, it didn’t surprise me that he had manage to disappear into the distance.

but then a sudden feeling hit me. I felt alone and lost, depict knowing the way home. It had me thinking what would I do if I lost Elijah.

With the terrible thought wondering my mind I started to feel my panic magnifing inside of me.

“Elijah!“I yell, now desperate to find him and get rid of the awful feeling. “Elijah, where are you” I yelled once again beginning to fill the air leaving my lungs and refusing to return

“Elijah”I said once again this time my voice sounding much weaker.

but before I could panic further, a soothing voice reached my ears as I felt to arms wrap around me, an embrace that seemed to relax, every muscle in my body. “hush, it’s okay, I’m here” Elijah spoke, turning me around so that I could lay my head on his chest. “it’s okay” he whispered, suddenly the feeling of being so relaxed in his arms, I couldn’t help but fall apart, tears blurring my vision as I hugged him tighter.

“I had this awful thought” I spoke my voice sounding dry “that one day you will leave me and that I would be all alone again”

Elijah shook his head, refusing to listen to such nonsense “Leave you, I would never.” he said pulling away from the hug so that he could see my face “Sarah, I will stick by you side no matter what”

Sarah stared up at him, wanting to believe his words with every bone in her body but something in her denied her the chance, she needed more than just these simple words, she needed him to promise her.

Her hand searched for his and when they found each other, he gave hers a light squeeze, sensing the inner conflict of her emotions.

“Do you promise?” she asked, almost in a whisper, scared that he might not, as she knew there was only so much he could control.

“I promise” he said

Her eyes scanned his face for any sign of hesitation and when she found none, she jumped into his arms, hugging once again, but this time she felt her feet begin lifted from the ground.

Elijah spun her around and they both laughed at how dramatic their day had turned out.

It was this day she could never forget, it was this day she replayed over and over in her mind not quite understand where it went so wrong.

Suddenly she felt her body being pulled from her slumber, “Sarah” a voice called.

Opening her eyes, Sarah blushed in embarrassment as she found 4 pairs of eyes looking at her. “I don’t know how many times i’ve told you I pay for you to work not to sleep, and frankly I don’t know why I haven’t fired you yet.” And of course It was Jace her boss, that had to be the first one to speak.

“S-sorry” Sarah apologised before getting up to straighten herself out “yeah, well lets go, were heading down to the office level to fill out some paper work and I do need you to be awake for this so if you don’t mind” and in saying that he walked off leaving Sarah rushing to catch up with him, ignoring the concerned eyes that watched as she disappeared.

After what felt like hours of signing and reading documents, we finally finished.

“Well thats it, i’m going to go back up and have some final business decisions with Elijah but your free to go home now” Jace said as he stood up and straighten his suit before walking to the door.

Thinking he had left already, I rolling my neck, loosing the tension that had settled on the muscles of my neck. Oddly I hadn’t heard the door closed, but before I could question it, the answer presented itself in an oddly kind voice “oh and Sarah, do try to sleep, you need the rest and I need my assistant to be awake tomorrow at work”, Jace said before disappearing once again.

Sarah was left starring at the closed door now, wondering if that was actually her boss or a kind, concerned human being who looked just like him.

Feeling begun tired both physical and emotionally, Sarah had no idea how but she managed to get herself home

As the she entered her house, Sarah found herself walking towards the tall book case in her living room.

There were plenty of books on each shelf but it was on the very top shelf behind the unread Shakespearean books that laid the objective of her search.

She reached up, crawling the little box, in her hands as she brought it was her back to her room.

It had been years since she had look inside it. Simply the thought had sent her tumbling into a blue storm for weeks, but here she was, sitting on her bed, the box flashing red in front of her.

Tears had already begun to slip as she ripped the golden chain, that contain the precious key, off her neck.

With trembling hands she opened the small red box.

Placing the lid to the side she was met was a pair off small little white boots, and like a sharp knife to the chest, she felt the dreaded pain she had suppressed for so long, come flooding back to the surface.

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