Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 7 : Fragile

Sarah woke with a sudden heaviness that seemed to weigh her down.

She didn’t remember when she had fallen asleep, but she wasn’t surprised, her tries had drained all her energy, staying awake would have been I’m impossible in the state she was in last night.

She got to work super early hoping that no one would be there, but to her luck the person she last wanted to see was there and it seem like he was already stressed and on the edge.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, though he didn’t give her much time to respond “is it that time already?“, looking at his watch in confusion and when he saw that it was still pretty early, he’s eyes scanned her from head to toe, ”no one not even she could be that committed to working for me" Jace thought but he let it slide since he now had someone to help him with the stack of files he had to go through.

“Here ” he said grabbing a file and handing it to her “you can help me. start with that one” he said pointing to a stack he had lazy throw on the floor “and then you can continue on with the stack on the arm chair”

Without a word Sarah, sat herself on the floor beside the stack and began reading.

Jace would be lying if he said he wasn’t surprise but when he said for her to help him, he expected her to say she would start when her shift actually started. He also thought she would grab a few and head back to her desk, not that he cared but he was simply just surprised she had sat herself down on his office floor so casually as if she were completely comfortable with him.

I was reading for what felt like hours but I knew I had only been a couple of minutes. I tried to distract myself from the thoughts that sneaked in to my mind, with the words in front of me. But for some reason I couldn’t ignore the ache that had begun to spread cross my chest.

My eyes had left the pages in front of me and had wondered towards the red rose painting that hanged on the wall before me. It’t vibrant red sending chills down my neck. I was so consumed by my thoughts that I hadn’t notice that Jace was staring at me nor that he had been calling my name for the pass 10 minutes.

Annoyed that his own employee was ignoring him, Jace abruptly stood up and made his way in front of her, blocking her view of the painting that she was staring at.

“Sarah!” He said once more, this time capturing her attention

“S-sorry I was-“but she never got to finish her apology as he rudely interrupted, “Honestly what is wrong with you, I’ve been calling your name for the past 10 MINUTES!” he yelled, his stressful state making him overreact

“I s-sorry sir I didn’t hear you”

Jace shook his head “Didn’t hear me what are you DEAF? You are meant to be helping me but your USELESS! I don’t know why I haven’t fired you yet all you do is sleep or daydream about god knows what all damn day!”

Sarah had never seen her boss so angry before. She understood where he was coming from but that gave him no right to call her useless and yell at her like that. On any other given day she would have apologies and begged for him to not fire her but something in her had had enough, she was tried and she wasn’t in the mood to be yelled at or called useless. She had to put up with his rude behaviour, if it wasn’t for her half of the companies employees would have left. She had to draw the line at some point.

“Look here” Sarah jump to her feet “You may have the right to be angry with me and yell at me but on no grounds do you” she said poking her finger at him, which caused him to take a step back “have the right to call me useless” Her voice had somehow turned venomous, “I have had to put up with your rudeness and I haven’t complained one bit. Everyone in this company either hates you, is scared of you or want to get they’re hands on your money, and I have worked my butt off from day one, and not once have I bitched about you.” Jace seemed shocked not by what she had said but the way she had said it. “Oh and how could I forget the amount of business deals that I had to close. Business partners that wanted to turn us down because they simply disliked YOU and YOUR attitude!”

This seemed to anger him even more, as the shocked expression quickly faded into one of pure rage “YOU! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! I AM YOUR BOSS! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK TO ME LIKE THIS! APOLOGISE BEFORE I FIRE YOU”

And for a second she was going to apologies but she just couldn’t get the words to leave her mouth and how could she when she wouldn’t have meant a single one.

“Fine then, I quit.” and with that she shoved the file she was holding into Jaces hands before storming out of the office not sparing him a second glance as she slammed the door behind her.

It wasn’t until she was outside the building and could finally catch her breath, that she realise, she had just quit her job.

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