Her Dying Fate

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Chapter 8 : Red

Suddenly things felt too much, too heavy and the world too against me.

I couldn’t breath, my tears choking me and drowning me in a pool of my own sorrow.

I needed relief.

sitting on the bathroom floor, coolness of the tiles some seemed pleasant, depict the memories it sparked.

And there it was against that aching pain that had spread across my chest. I took a shake breath in and slowly it seemed to lesson, leaving my body through the red inked that now dripped down my arm.

I watched as a smell puddle began to form, and as it grow the numbing feeling began to spread, whisking me into darkness.

His bicycle let out a piecing yelp as he slowed to a stop.

His eyes settled on a girl who stood, shivering as the cold night air kissed her skin.

Lost in the darkness she seemed delicate.

A gentle gust blew the sweet fragrance of her towards him greedily inviting him to inhale the scent that now lingered in the air around him.

Normally the silence of the night would strike fear but oddly it seem to consume him and eventually drove him mad. He hated silence and he would do anything to shatter it to pieces.

I climb off his bicycle letting it setting against the wall as he walked closer to her wanting to see her face but to his disappointment her face was partially obscured by her black flowing hair.

“Hello there” He spoke, voice slick and confident.

As the girl turned towards him, she was meet by a stinging pain and a sly smile.

“ah ah ah, it’s okay” he said slowly sliding the knife he held out from the wound he had curved onto her skin.

With widen eyes she stared shocked at the man before her, taking in the red ink that now cover her. “why?” she asked, her voice sousing dry, and weak.

but he only laughed letting her limp body fall to ground.

He watched as he hopelessly crawling, her nails bleeding as she dugged them into the ground in an effort to pull her weak body away from him.

but it was no use he had already moved infant of her, stop her in her path.

she looked up at him as he crunched down infant of her, placing the surface of the cold metal knife to her neck. she sobbed, her eyes begged for mercy as he let his arm swing to the side.

Her blood looked black in the moonlight, gushing all over him hands.

He starred at her agonised expression as she started choking on her own blood, the sight seem to delight the twisted man before he finished her with one simple stab to the heart.

He cleaning his knife as he hopped back on his bicycle, leaving the limp body in a swamp of red blood.

Sarah abruptly jolted awake, covered in sweat.

Her heart was beating fast, the last thing she remembered was siting in a pool of her own blood but now as she looked around she wasn’t on the bathroom floor nor even in the bathroom. she was instead neatly tucked into her own bed.

“what the hell” she thought, trying to remember anything that could tell her how she got there, but the more she thought the more her head started to hurt.

She was confused to say the least.

She had checked her bathroom and there was no blood stain nor any sign that she had even tried to clean it up. It was exactly how it normally was, clean.

Deciding to let it go, she got ready for work and headed down stairs to eat breakfast, it wasn’t until she was about to head out the door when she remembered that she got fired. Correction she quit.

With a sigh, she took off her shoes that she had just finished putting on and slumped down on the coach, and turned on the tv.

"Breaking news, a 24 year old woman was found murdered in a hidden ally last night. It was said that she might have been lost when a man approached her, and proceeded to repeatedly stabbed her, leaving her to bleed to death."

Gasping at the story, Sarah felt chills run up her spin. She had a weird feeling, like deja vu, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

That was until they showed a picture of the murders face, and then it hit her, She had seen that face before, she had dreamt it.

Coming back to her in the speed of light, flashes of her nightmare. Turning the volume up, she listened to every detail, it all matched. She had dreamt of this murder.

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