Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 10

Alexandra took James's hand and shook it, immediately feeling a chill run all over her body at once.

"What's your surname? Is 'Alexandra' all I'm going to get?"

"Depends." Alexandra shrugged jokingly. "Is James all I'm going to get?"

"Depends." Said James in a mocking manner. "Am I going to see more of you?"

"Hey! Don't mock!" She nudged him with her elbow playfully and laughed lightly and so did the Black-Headed boy.

"It's Anderson. James Anderson."

"Alexandra Evans."

There came a moment, after she said that, when their eyes got locked with each other...

A familiar feeling...

When the clock went forward another minute, everything happened at once;

Alexandra's head started spinning furiously and she felt as if her temperature had run wild.

"URGH!" She shrieked, and at last, she saw something...


February 15, 2016

~One Year Ago~

"Tell me you're mine." The boy hugged his arms around her as they laid on the bed.

"But you know I am. Why say it?" She said with a grin, resting her head on his chest.

"I just want to hear it from you."

She giggled before saying, "I'm yours. And I love it." The boy smiled as she continued. "I love you. And nothing could ever change that."


"HEY! Are you okay!? What happened!?" The voice took Alexandra back to reality.

"I– I..." She looked up at James's worried expression, confused about what she saw. "I'm fine."

"You sure? Because you definitely didn't look fine."

"Trust me. Everything's fine." Alexandra faked a smile, and picked up her cup and took a sip from her coffee, which had completely turned cold by then.

"So, Alexandra Evans," James started after taking another sip of his cup. "where were you headed to when the rain started?"

"Don't laugh, but I... I was lost?"

"Lost?" James repeated. He thought a bit, and it finally clicked. "Oh, right. The memory-thing."

"Yeah... That." Alexandra smiled in shame.

"Well, seeing as I'm not such an expert in finding places in this country-at all, I can't tell you directly where to go. But, I wouldn't mind taking you around the town with my car and try to find wherever you want to go."

Alexandra raised a brow. "You're a stranger." She then narrowed her eyes at James jokingly. "For all I know, you might be a mass murderer. How can I trust you?"

"Maybe you can't. Maybe I am a serial killer." James shrugged. "Or maybe, you just have to be brave enough to take a risk."

"Are you challenging me, Mr. Anderson?"

"Depends." said James. "Do you want to be challenged, Ms. Evans?"

"Stop answering my questions with another question!" She laughed.

"Then stop asking them. Because this is all you get."

Alexandra hesitated. She said the truth about him being a complete stranger. But there was something about him that made her to trust him.

Perhaps it was his eyes... Or maybe his soft, yet husky voice.

But whatever it was, it succeeded to bring Alexandra to trust him.


"True that I've lost my memories," said Alexandra with a smirk. "but I'm pretty sure I haven't lost my mind."

"Now, what's that supposed to mean?"

"I'm not getting in a stranger's car."

James shrugged. "Your loss." He joked.

Right at that moment, the door of the pub let out a sound and rang the silence of the place like a bell.

"Yes, Mrs. Hess- yes, with my friends- no, they would get me home themselves." The man who entered spoke on the phone, as he closed the door of the pub. "Okay, goodbye."

At the mention of Mrs. Hess, Alexandra turned her head and looked over at the man from her shoulder, and her eyes got locked with him.


It was Peter Henderson.

"What on earth are you doing here? I thought Paul told you not to leave the house?" He said, as he walked toward Alexandra and James.

"And I thought that you were with your friends? Why were you lying?"

"I-I... I asked first!"

"And I asked second! So what?"

"Sassy." James muttered to himself.

But he didn't succeed to say it low enough, because now he had Peter's attention.

"And who are you?" Peter asked.

"Ah, right. I'm Jam-"

"Mr. Henderson, sir!" The corpulent bartender interrupted James as soon as he spotted Peter. "Long time, no see!"

"Nice seeing you, Gilbert." Peter smiled brightly at him.

"Shall I bring your usual drink, sir? Or do you prefer something else now?"

"Actually, me and my friend here, Alexandra, were just leaving."

"No, we aren't-" Alexandra tried to retort, but Peter broke her off.

"-Yes, we are." He said sternly. "Perhaps I'd stop by another day and have a drink. God knows how much I've missed it."

"It would be an honor, sir."

By that, Peter flashed another smile, and made his way over the door.

"Thank you for the coffee." After saying that to James, Alexandra stood up as well, but James stopped her as he took her wrist.

"See you later, Alex?" He grinned.

"See you later, Anderson." She grinned back.

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