Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 11

The heavy rain had stopped, but not completely. A few drops fell over the soaked grounds of Abberley Village every now and then.

Peter and Alexandra didn't utter a word as they walked along the road and in the direction of Henderson's mansion.

But Alexandra figured that it was time to break the dull silence.

"Why did you lie?" She asked.

"Pardon?" Said Peter, frowning slightly.

"You lied to Mrs. Hess. You told her that you were currently with your friends. But you were alone. So why did you lie?"

Peter stayed quiet and kept walking, ignoring her completely. So Alexandra took that as her cue to not take the conversation any further.

"Urgh!" Peter finally let out. Alexandra stopped walking and turned to face him to see what was wrong.

Peter was looking down at his feet, and when Alexandra followed his gaze, she realized that he had put his feet in a big amount of soaked dirt.

"You got to be kidding me." Peter frowned and bent down, and whipped the dirt off his shoes with naked fingers.

Alexandra took aback. Probably because she didn't expect such manners from Peter Henderson, who was from a royal family.

Groaning to himself, Peter stood up completely, now looking at his dirty fingers in disgust.

"Well, I don't have any tissues with myself... But here's an idea!" He smiled mischievously, and drew his fingers against Alexandra's sleeve.

"What the–!" Alexandra let out in shock, looking at Peter in this belief.

"What?" Said Peter, as if nothing had ever happened.

Alexandra narrowed her eyes at him before saying, "Oh, it's so on."

By that, she bent down and took a good amount of wet dirt in her hands, looking threatening at Peter.

"Ah-oh." Peter pursed his lips. "Well... That would be my cue." and so he ran off and Alexandra chased after him, both looking like three years olds if someone looked at them in that state.

"If I catch you, you're going to get in so much trouble, Henderson!"

"I like to see you try!" Peter shouted back and laughed while running, as they neared the Henderson's mansion.

But Alexandra stopped in her tracks, as if she had been frozen on her spot all of a sudden.

When Peter turned around to throw a quick glance at her direction, he saw that she had her head down and was frowning at the ground.

So he stopped as well.

"Alexandra? If you're playing a trick on me–" but he stopped in mid-sentence, feeling a bit worried about her. "What's wrong?" He asked, walking hesitantly toward her.

"Nothing– it's just a feeling–" she then shook her head. "Never mind. It's nothing important."

But she was lying.

It was important.

That feeling had hunted her mind again... The feeling of something familiar...

Was it deja vu? Was it just a dull and empty feeling? Or was it a memory that had happened to her before?

"Hey, Lexi. You okay?" When Alexandra snapped back to reality, she saw that Peter was standing before her, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.

"Lexi?" Alexandra repeated.

"Yeah." He nodded with a grin. "That's your new nickname."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Oh, yeah– WHAT THE HELL!" He shrieked after Alexandra cleaned her full-of-dirt hand on Peter's clothed arm. "You little–"

But he didn't complete his sentence. Instead, he took Alexandra in his arms and took her off the ground, spinning her around.

Alexandra laughed her head off as she begged for him to stop in the meantime.

But he didn't.

Until, a voice interposed their laughter.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

Peter put Alexandra down and they both looked in the direction of the voice.

"Brother, may I talk to her for a moment, please." Paul Henderson said in a cold voice, but that wasn't a question in whatever perspective you looked at it.

It was a demand, and Peter knew that he didn't have to be told twice.

But before he left, he stopped for a moment near where Alexandra stood, and whispered one last thing in her ear;

"Now who's going to get in so much trouble, Evans?"

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