Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 12

Alexandra glared at Peter's back when he started to walk away, leaving Paul and Alexandra alone, in the middle of that foggy day.

As the silence howled in pain, Alexandra dropped her gaze onto the ground and her confidence fell down like powder.

Her heart started beating faster as soon as she realized that Paul wasn't under the impression of taking his tense stare off he.

But as if that wasn't enough for punishing her feeble heart, Paul started toward her.

Afterwards, he started to walk in a full circle around her in a slow pace and Alexandra felt her whole body get tense as she felt his presence behind her.

"Was I not clear enough when I told you precisely, not to leave the mansion?"

Alexandra couldn't answer, even though she knew she had to; for she was pretty certain that if she did speak, her voice would've come out trembling and weak.

And she definitely didn't want that.

"Ah! I didn't know you were mute!" Paul mused in full sarcasm, making a great anger float through Alexandra's pulse.

But despite all her rage, she bit her lower lip, and remained quiet.

When she didn't answer, Paul gritted his teeth and hissed, "Go back inside."

Alexandra hesitated at first, but seeing as she saw that as her best and only opportunity, she obeyed.

But she had barley taken three steps away that Paul reached for her arm and grabbed it tightly in his fist. "Don't you ever leave this place again. This is your last warning."

By that, he let go of her harshly and walked away, passing the entrance gate to the Henderson's grounds.

Alexandra stood on her spot, frozen. She wondered whether her old life used to be like that.

Very dark... Very harsh...

And no one there for her to love.

She then put a piece of her loosen long brown hair behind her ear before following Paul's steps through the entrance gate.


The afternoon was most depressing than ever. The sad ticktock of the clock was the only thing in the enormous mansion that had enough courage to break the silence.

The sky above the large windows was now colored like a bruise and a look at it was enough to brew tears in a man's eyes.

The desperate raindrops had started to fall beneath the earth again. But Alexandra didn't care anymore.

She was just curled up to herself in a dark corner and had her feet hugged to her chest on the sofa.

Her mind was too busy that she had no idea what to think of.

The Black-Headed boy's warming smile, or the tense eyes of Paul Henderson?

But just to make matters worse, something happened that messed up with her already messy head.

Someone called on the mansion's main phone, ringing disturbingly, but no one seemed to be interested in answering it; seeing as Paul was in his laboratory, Peter was in the shower, and Mrs. Hess was resting in her room.

So, Alexandra, being the only person near the phone, stood up from her seat.

Hurriedly, she answered it as quick as she reached it.

"Hello?" She spoke.

"Uh... Who is this?" The person asked behind the phone.

It must've been a very young girl in her eleventh year or twelve, for her voice was so calming.

"You were the one who called. So, personally, I think it is most logical if you told me who you were."

"Right..." But she didn't. "Is Peter there?"


"–Are you- are you is girlfriend?"

"Wha- No!"

There was a moment of silent, but Alexandra was pretty sure the little girl had sighed in relief.

"Good. I'm Jenevieve, by the way. Written with J. Not G. Odd. I know, I know. Anyway, see ya!"


Alexandra wanted to retort, but it was too late.

The girl had hung up the phone.

A minute had barley passed after she ended the call, that the bell of the entrance door rang.

Alexandra frowned to herself in confusion, making her way toward the door.

When she opened it, she saw a short woman who was in her twenties.

But as soon as the woman opened her mouth and talked, Alexandra's eyes widened in awe.

"Hello, it's Jenevieve. But you can call me Jenna."

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