Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 14


"Mrs. Hess!? Oh, my goodness!"

As soon as Jenevieve sighted Makayla Hess, she quickly ran toward her and embraced her in a big bear hug.

"Long time no see! What brings you here?" Mrs. Hess asked with a big grin as thy pulled away.

"I... Um... Had to see Peter."

"You have no idea how happy I am to see you."

"Same here."

"Oh, but the confidence!" Mrs. Hess said in disbelief with a smile.


"Jacob is coming tonight as well. And he's bringing a friend. You remember Jacob, Jenna. Right?"

"How can anyone forget him, Mrs. Hess? Forgetting Jacob is impossible for anyone who's met him."

"Uh... Who is Jacob?" Alexandra asked awkwardly, feeling a bit ashamed to cut them off.

"Jacob's my son." Said Mrs. Hess, proudly. "My only child."

"He's such a gentleman. Oh, you have to meet him, Lexi." Jenna said happily, using the same nickname that Peter had used to call Alexandra.

"Yeah. It would be an honor." Alexandra smiled politely.

"Anyway! How about I tell you your coffee fortune, Jenna? Until we wait for Peter to dress up and come down?"

"Yeah! I would love that Mrs. Hess!" Jenna clapped her hands together and then went toward Alexandra, taking her hand, and leading her forward. "C'mon, Lexi. You have to hear Mrs. Hess's fortune telling. They are priceless!"

And so, the three women headed toward the kitchen. Mrs. Hess started making three cups of coffee as Alexandra eyed Jenna, who was humming a song to herself.

"Here you go." Said Mrs. Hess, placing the cups before themselves as she sat down. "Now, drink up, so I can tell your fortune."

Alexandra gladly drank her coffee till the end, but when it came time for her fortune, she somehow became uncertain.

"I can see a sun... That definitely means happiness." Mrs. Hess said, looking into Jenna's cup. "But there is also dark clouds surrounding it. So that ain't good. You ought to be careful."

"I dunno... Is any of these real? I mean... How can it be." Alexandra said hesitantly.

"Oh, hush. How would you know if it's not real without any memories?" Mrs. Hess retorted jokingly.

"Oooh! You've lost your memories?" Jenna shrieked before Alexandra could have had a chance to reply.


"–Blimey! I've never met anyone who had lost their memories! How does it feel!?"

Jenna's eyes were now sparkling from excitement, and Alexandra didn't want to turn her down.

"Um..." she started, "I guess 'empty' would be the right word to describe the feeling."

"Empty!? Wow..." Jenna shook her head slightly in awe. "Are you hearing this, Mrs. Hess!? I wish I had lost my memories as well! Just think how fun would it be? All the bad memories would be gone! Poof! Gone from the face of earth!"

"But hasn't it ever crossed your mind, that if you lose all your memories, you will lose the good ones as well?" Alexandra had a weird feeling after saying that, even though she knew it was the truth.

"She's right, you know. I mean, you don't want to lose all the memories we had together. Do you?"

The three women spun their heads toward the kitchen's door, where Peter was now leaning against.

Jenna turned red again, looking away.

A few moments later, Mrs. Hess finally cleared her throat. "Well, we shall go now, I guess... Let you two talk." And by that she took Alexandra's hand and lead her out of the kitchen.

"Is Jenna Peter's girlfriend?" Alexandra asked.

"Was." Said Mrs. Hess. "They broke up over the summer."


Makayla was about to answer, but Paul entered the hall and answered instead of her as he did so.

"Because she has an Immature Personality Disorder. Jenevieve Goldsmith can't handle her cool for so long. She just loses it. But my foolish brother has been with her for three years now. I honestly have no idea why. That girl is mad! And she doesn't even have the beauty."

"Well, that's the thing about love." Alexandra retorted sternly. "You can't choose who you fall for. Sometimes the person is beautiful and sometimes is not. So what? Which is why they say love makes you blind. Because with blind eyes, you can't see the person's face. You can only feel the heart. You can't tell the difference between beauty and ugliness."

And by that, Paul Henderson had become speechless, for the first time in his life.

Paul had nothing to say; nothing left to retort. So he just gave a dark grin and said,

"Perhaps you were a writer before. Who knows."

Alexandra bit her inner cheek. That was probably her weakness. She couldn't handle any talk about her past, seeing as she had no memories of it at all. Unless you count her small dreams or visions or whatever they were.

"Anyway," Paul started. "Come with me." So by that, without waiting for her reply, he started walking away.

Alexandra knew that she had no place for bickering neither for complaining. So she just kept quiet, and followed Paul Henderson down to his laboratory.

"Sit." Paul demanded, pointing at the bed. "Now give me your hand."

When Alexandra did so, Paul rolled her sleeve up until her elbow.

"Your pulse is normal." He then looked upon her arm. "You've shaved. I need you to stop."

Alexandra's eyes widened. "Stop what?"


"What!? Why!?"

"Because I want to see if your body is on a normal state and nothing's out of ordinary."

Alexandra kept quiet at first, but then nodded her head slowly.

Paul then brought a paper and a pen and sat down next to Alexandra on a chair before her bed.

"Now I'm going to ask you a few questions. I want you to answer me carefully."

She nodded again.

"Good." Paul then cleared his throat and said, "Do you or do you not have secretions?"

"Sorry!?" Her eyes widened even more. "I... Um..."

"Oh, for goodness sake! Just talk and get it all over with!"

"Yes." She muttered.

"How often?"

"Not much, I guess?"

Paul started writing down. Alexandra felt a heat rush through her skin, but she didn't blush.

"Have you had your period yet?"


"I want you to tell me immediately whenever it happened."

"Yes, sir."

After that, Paul took out a paper that looked somehow like an assignment and handed it to her along with his own pen.

"Sign this." He demanded.

Alexandra started to read, but Paul interrupted.

"Don't read. Just sign it."

Alexandra hesitated for a moment, looking up at Paul. "I don't have a sign."

He rolled his eyes in exhaustion. "Just write your name!"

So Alexandra did as she was told to, handing the paper and the pen back to him.

"Now–" Paul started, but as he was about to ask the next question, the phone of the laboratory started ringing violently.

It was obvious that Paul wanted to ignore it, but when it kept ringing, he frowned from frustration and against his own liking, he started toward the phone and picked it up.

"Who's thi–"

But the person behind the phone didn't even let him finish his sentence and started talking urgently and abruptly, and in no time at all, Paul's frown deepened even more; if even possible.

After a minute or two of complete silence and merely listening, Paul Henderson put the phone down and immediately exited the laboratory, shutting the door behind him in full rage.

Alexandra was left alone, completely in confusion and shock. She didn't know if she was supposed to wait for Paul to return or not; because for all she knew, he might've had not returned for hours or more.

But she was snapped out of her thoughts when she sighted the folder that Paul had in hand, left on his desk.

The power of her damn curiosity overwhelmed her and unwillingly, she sat up from the bed, making her way over the desk, reaching for the folder.

She tried to find the paper that Paul had told her to sign, but seeing as it wasn't there, Alexandra gathered that he had taken it with himself.

She groaned to herself and was about to turn away, but her eyes got locked with something rather curious.

There laid an old parchment beneath all those papers.

So, frowning scantly, she grabbed the parchment in her hand and picked it up.

It was a letter, rather short and a bit messy, which meant that it had been written in an urgent state.

But why wasn't it sent by an email or such?

Perhaps the letter had been written a long time ago, when computers hadn't been invented at all...

But these weren't the matters that caught Alexandra's attention.

She just stared down at the paper, and that was when her eyes widened in surprise.

It was her handwriting.

Alexandra waited no longer and hesitated no more in reading it as quick as possible.

To Paul Henderson,

If you're reading this letter, it means that you've figured out what I've done. But you have to understand that everything I did was for the greater good. I never meant it to happen.


Alexandra finished reading and stayed dazed for a long minute.

What the hell was going on?

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