Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 15

Alexandra had her mouth slightly open. She then slowly put down the letter, her eyes locked on practically nowhere.

She had a weird feeling that the letter had been written by herself.

Because everything made sense; it looked like her own handwriting, and the parchment was signed with the letters: A.E.B.

The A could be for Alexandra and the E for Evans. But what was the B for?

The questions and the coincidences were driving her mad. Because for all she knew, this letter could lead her to the secret of her past.

But if it truly had been written by her, it meant that she used to know Paul Henderson. So why did he tell her that he never knew her?

At last, by one blink of realization, something clicked inside her mind and a thought made its way through her.

Alexandra looked around the walls of the old laboratory, searching for any sign of a security camera, but didn't sight anything.

There was a big chance that the camera had been hidden, but she took the risk anyway, and so, Alexandra hid the letter under her clothes.

She wanted to take it upstairs and write it down and compare the handwriting with herself's.

So then she immediately took off and exited the laboratory in a blink of an eye.

It was a good point that Paul Henderson had left the place urgently; for he had forgotten to lock the door of the laboratory after leading Alexandra out of it.

But the question was, why did he leave?

What was so important that made him react to it like that?

But it didn't matter anymore.

What mattered was that he had left, leaving many secrets behind, along with Alexandra Evans to discover them.


He meant that to happen...

Maybe, he left those secrets for her to discover, for some unknown reason.

But no. Alexandra didn't let her mind wander to that direction.

She just ran off, not closing the door of the laboratory behind; so she could return after hiding the letter in her room.

As she paced quickly, she turned her head around to send a glance, but right at that moment she bumped into someone.

Alexandra unwillingly shut her eyes close.

She knew that she had pumped into the wrong person.

The last person that should've found her in that state.

She had stolen something, and Paul was right behind her, catching her in the worst situation possible.

Alexandra was awaiting the moment of horror.

But nothing went like her expectations.


The person who was now holding her from behind, called her, and Alexandra opened her eyes at last.

She then turned around slowly and when she saw the person, a feeling of relief rushed through her body.

But the next moment, excitement and happiness was also added to it.

"James!" Alexandra let out, taking a step back with widened eyes. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I came here with a friend of mine." said the black-headed boy with a bright smile. "What are you doing here?"

"I live here."

His eyes widened. "You're the owner–"

"–No! I just... Live here. That's all."


There came a big silent between the two, as they looked at each other, yet didn't utter a word.

"So..." he started, narrowing his eyes at Alexandra. "who were you running from?"

"Wha– oh!" Alexandra looked at him abut confused at first, but then she immediately realized what he meant. "No one. I was just... Um..."

James Anderson gave a small and gentle laughter.

Alexandra's heart started beating faster and she didn't move her gaze an inch away from him and his soft-lips, which showed his teeth beautifully as he smiled.

She was pretty certain that she wasn't going to see the black-headed boy anymore.

But as it seemed, the universe had planned on her wishes this time.

"What were you doing?" Alexandra asked from the lack of conversation.

"Just wandering around the mansion. You see, I'm planning on renting a room here for the time being."

"Really!?" Alexandra took aback. "I didn't know the Hendersons rented their rooms."

"Oh, well. Now you know." There was a moment of silence before he raised a brow, "Anyway. How much of an adventurous person are you?"

"Depends on who I spend the adventure with." Alexandra shrugged teasingly.

"Then you would love the adventure I'm taking you to."


"Oh, yeah." James curled up his lip mischievously before raising his hand up for her to take.

So then they took off, hand in hand, James leading Alexandra out of the mansion.

"No!" Alexandra pulled away her hand from James's as they were about to pass the door.

"What's wrong?" James raised a questioning brow.

"I– I'm not supposed to leave the mansion."

By that, a smile tucked on James's lips.

"This is an adventure, Alex. Rules are bound to be broken."


"Why do you think they set the rules? So people can break them!"

But Alexandra was still hesitating; so James placed a hand on her shoulder, and continued,

"C'mon, Alex." He said. "What's life without a little risk?"

"You're right." She finally gave in, pursing her lips. "Rules are bound to be broken one way or another."

Suddenly, a smirk grew on James's face.

"That's the spirit."

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