Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 16

James Anderson winked down at Alexandra, and by that, he took her hand again, this time pacing faster out of the mansion.

"What about coats?" Alexandra asked.

"What!? The weather's perfect! Don't be fussy!"

"Are you being serious right now!? It's freezing! Have you lost all your senses!?"

"Come on! Where's your sense of adventure? It will be fun! That's a promise!"

Alexandra snorted. "All talk and no trousers."

"What?" James stop walking and sent a questioning glance at Alexandra.

"Er... It's a British phrase." She said with a smile. "What is this adventure, anyway?"

"Follow me to find out." James grinned and started walking, Alexandra following him right behind with a giant goofy smile on her lips.

As they walked with James in the front, James heard Alexandra muttering to herself.

"What are you saying to yourself, Evans?"

"Nothing much... Just praying to god that you wouldn't turn out as a murderer or anything."

"You're right." James finally said, turning around to face Alexandra. "In fact," he then started walking toward her in a slow pace, his eyes narrowing darkly, "I might have followed you to this house and lead you out here to kill you..."

But Alexandra snorted.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever." She smirked and pinched James's cheek, making him grin back. "So, are we continuing this so called adventure or what?"


James led Alexandra toward the woods, and each time she asked him where they were headed to, James only said,


"Urgh! For how long? We've been walking for hours!"

"It hasn't even been ten minutes!" James retorted with a grin. "You know what. Now that I come to think of it, you and Andrea have a great deal in commo–"

But his words got cut off when his phone started vibrating. So James dug into his pocket and took out his phone.

Although, as soon as his gaze made connection with the screen, his eyes narrowed in concern.

"Excuse me for a moment." James said, and afterwards he answered the call, still frowning.

"Hello, Mr. Pierce... No, sir. Nothing yet... No I haven't seen him in person, yet... I told you that I wouldn't want to involve the British police men... Yes, I'll look to it... Thank you, sir. Goodbye to you too."

"What happened?" Alexandra asked in concern after James put back his phone in his pocket.

"Um... Nothing important."

"So... Any sign of Andrea, yet?"

"What!?" James took a back, his eyes widening.

"Err... You know? Did you figure out which hotel she goes to?"

"Oh, I thought you meant–" but he stopped his sentence right there, although he looked completely relieved for some unknown reason.


"Uh... No." James shook his head. "I haven't figured out where she stays yet."

"So you weren't able to talk to her all this time?"

"Of course, I was."

"Then how come you didn't ask her where she was staying at?"

"Wha– um... She said that she has left Worcestershire and is currently at London and that she will return in a week or more. But she was at work, so couldn't talk very much."

"So... Are you going to London?" Alexandra asked, hoping that the answer would be negative.

"I can't. She's on the move and won't stop traveling for a while now. I think I'm staying here... Or perhaps returning to California. My whole surprising plan sucked from the beginning."

"I'm sure that if she sees you, that would make her extremely happy."

"Yeah." James nodded. "Anyway. Shall we continue?"

"Yeah." Alexandra faked a smile and kept walking with James as the woods began to grow dark around them.

At last, after a few more minutes of walking along the silence, James finally announced that they had reached the place.

There, Alexandra saw a small waterfall, running down like a ballad with the melody it had. The trees surrounding it had been reflected in the water along with the sky.

The clouds held the promise of a calm night as the sun drowned in a glorious horizon, its rays of light glimmering in the darkness of the pale clouds which now hid a light shade of pink among themselves.

"This is... Beautiful." Alexandra muttered, mostly to herself.

As the wind blew and laced its caressing fingers among her hair, Alexandra closed her eyes.

There came that killer feeling again...

There was a memory there. But it felt empty. It was blank. But it exited and Alexandra was sure of it.

She wanted to cry. But tears couldn't bring back her memories.

"How was Andrea like?" Alexandra finally asked out of the blue.

James smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. "To be honest, she sometimes creeped me out. If there was an award for the best stalker in the world, she would've won it." He laughed slightly at that. "But she was... Impossible? I mean, she never gave up on me. She proved my own thoughts wrong. She believed that my heart was only broken. And so she fixed it."

"You truly love her, don't you?" Alex whispered.

"Yes. But I don't deserve it. Four years ago, I did something horrible. I thought that I had lost her forever. But I couldn't live without her. I had to do something to bring her back. I had to fight for her."

"So how did you get back together?"

"It's a long story."

"And I'm a good listener." By that, Alexandra sat on a rock on the ground and James followed her actions, now both sitting down in front of the lake.

"It took me six months to win her back. But I wasn't going to give up. I–"

His words were cut off as something happened that none of them were expecting.

There came the sound of a loud Bang, making them to jump off the ground and out of their skins.

When they turned around to see what was happening, their throats got dry from horror and shock.

There stood a man with a gun in his hands, pointing it in Alexandra's direction.

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