Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 17

Alexandra's breath got caught inside her throat. She couldn't get herself to blink as it became hard for her to even stand straight.

It all happened in a short desperate moment.

Her gaze got locked with the man's eyes.

He frowned.

And her heart skipped in a split second.

"JACOB! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" James cried out, walking hesitantly yet hurriedly toward the black-skinned man.

His dark eyes wandered over James but quickly went back and landed on Alexandra's feeble feature again.

"Put. Down. The. Gun." But he didn't. So James added rather gently, "Please."

By that, the man slowly lowered the gun a bit, not removing his tense gaze off Alexandra.

"She's my friend, Jacob. You can trust her. I give you my word."

The man finally turned his look yo James and his knitted eyebrows loosened a bit.

"Now please," James continued. "tell me what's going on."

But the man didn't.

Instead, he put his gun back into his brown suit's inner pocket. Then, he started moving his hands in different organized moves and ways, as if playing some sort of a serious pantomime.

But when Alexandra paid a more closely attention to him, she realizer that he was mute and was talking in a sign language.

"That's... That's impossible!" James said to his answer. "I told you. You can trust her."

The man moved his hands again in the purpose of saying something else and in his response, James said, "Perhaps you've mistaken her for someone smiler."

"James?" Alexandra finally muttered, not removing her glance off the man. "Can you please tell me what the hell is going on?"

"Oh, right! Alex, this is Jacob Hess. An old college friend and colleague of mine. I believe you are familiar with his mother?"

It finally clicked. "You're Makayla's son?"

The man nodded.

"And Jacob, this is Alexandra Evans."

But Jacob didn't look very pleased to meet her at all. Instead, he said something else in the sign language and then left that place.

"What was wrong with him?"

"Nothing to worry about–"

"–Nothing to worry about!?" Alexandra repeated and scoffed. "He fucking pointed a gun at me!"

"He took you for somebody else. Besides, he's never used that gun and I assure you that he's not planning to do so either."

"How are you so sure about that?" Alexandra snapped at him.

"It's complicated. But trust me. He's a very nice guy."

"Maybe he is. But he probably has no idea how to make good first impressions."

James threw a light laugh even though Alexandra had been completely serious.

"Is he a lawyer too?" Alexandra tried to change the subject. "You said he was a colleague of yours?"

"Sort off... He's a doctor and a year older than me. I said colleague because this last case that Andrea worked on was a murder. And he was the doctor for the slain; to confirm his death and to do his surgery to figure out the reason and time of his death."

She nodded in understanding.

"I think we better return and go back to the mansion." Alexandra said, looking up at the sky which was turning dark pretty quick.

"Sure." James nodded.

"You got me rather curious, to be honest." Alexandra started as they started walking back to the mansion.

"Oh, yeah? 'Bout what?"

"About your girlfriend."


She nodded.

"What's with you and the questions you keep asking about her?" James cocked up an eyebrow.

"I told you. I'm just curious." Alexandra shrugged and kept smiling, even though it was forcefully.

She had no idea why she was asking these questions. Perhaps it was out of jealousy. Maybe she just wanted to hear about the way that James love Rea, so she could come to herself and let go of the thoughts of James.

"How did she look like?" She asked, out of her own control and will.

"Uh... Beautiful?" Alexandra snorted by that description of James.

"Seriously? That's all you have to say about the girl that you love?"

"She's... Er... Well, now that I think of it, somehow the same height as you. You pretty much remind me of her."

That made Alexandra's heart melt.



"You– you said that you did somethings horrible to her."

James frowned a bit, looking down bellow their feet as they walked the path among the dark woods.


"Well... I was thinking... What did you do?"

"I broke her trust. That's the worst thing one can do to the person he loves. Specially if the person's trust was the only thing that he had left."

When Alexandra raised her head to glance at him, she saw that James was now completely dazed off. That was probably not the answer that Alexandra sought.

"But she returned anyway." She shrugged. "Because that's the thing about love. You only fall for the person who no matter how angry you are with, you can forgive them easily."

By that, James stopped in his tracks, making Alexandra stop as well.

"What's wrong?"

But James didn't answer. He just stared down at her, deep in thoughts.


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