Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 19


April 24, 2016

~Five Months Ago~

James Anderson entered the room, just to see his girlfriend curled up on their bed next to the window, hugging her legs to her chest, and resting her head on her knees.

"Rea?" James called her in concern, but she didn't even open her eyes. "Baby, what's wrong?"

Andrea Brooke finally raised her head and gave James a look. "Baby?"

"Yeah." He smirked. "I always wanted to use that phrase."

"And you chose now to use it?"

"Yup." James smiled and sat down next to her and hugged her.

But Andrea didn't react at all.

"Rea, please. Why won't you just tell me what's wrong?" James pulled away, looking at her directly. But she just didn't glance up at him.

"Nothing's wrong–"

"You and I both know that's bullshit. It's been months that you're like this. Ever since Jacob's accident! You've become secretive, lock yourself in the bathroom and talking to someone on the phone, thinking that I wouldn't realize? You sometimes even cry at nights when you think that I'm asleep! But I do realize these things, Rea! You're so messed up all the time!"

But she didn't answer.

"I'm going to take a shower." She announced after a few moments of silence and walked out of the room.

James cursed under his breath.

But he realized that unlike lately, Rea had forgotten to take her phone with herself.

James hated himself for doing this to her, but he had to know what was wrong.

After the accident that happened to Jacob, Andrea went missing for a week and the only time she answered her phone, she merely claimed that she just wanted to spend some time alone.

And that was it. She didn't answer none of her calls anymore.

After a week, when she showed up at last, nothing was the same anymore. She spoke less, she barley smiled, and hardly ever laughed anymore.

No matter how hard James tried, he couldn't get her to spill the beans. So he decided to give it a rest for awhile.

But enough was enough. He couldn't stand her hurting anymore.

So he took her phone off the table next to their bed, in hopes of finding the reason of Andrea's dreadful sadness.

A frown immediately formed on his face when he merely looked down at its screen.

Thirteen missed calls had been left on Andrea's phone by a man that James had never heard the name of.

He knew he shouldn't have done what he did next, but he couldn't help himself. He just walked in the bathroom.

"James! What the hell!" Andrea cried out, standing there fully clothed while the water was gushing in the bath.

"Who is this guy who keeps calling you!?"

"What the hell are you talking about!?"

"Don't play the fool with me, Rea! Tell me who he is! Now!"

"Who is who!?"

"Who the fuck is Paul Henderson!?"

~End Of Flashback~


Everyone's eyes automatically made their way over Paul, who was coughing. He then got control over himself quickly before clearing his throat.

"And what is your name, did you say?" He asked cooly, suddenly feeling rather interested in knowing who James was.

"It's James, sir. James Anderson."

Alexandra wondered if she were hallucinating.

Because, right at that moment, she could swear that a shadow of a smirk had tucked at the corner of James's lips, and Paul's eyes had darkened.

Darkened in anger? Or in fear, perhaps?

It was as if Paul wanted to say something because he opened hid mouth. But then, he closed it again, and took a sip from his wine.

But it wasn't all Alexandra. Peter Henderson, too, had found the situation rather suspicious.

He frequently glanced between the two men, every now and then. But all in all, not a single word was uttered during the dinner.


It was early in the morning, that a sound whispered in Alexandra's ears. But it wasn't someone speaking. The disturbing sound came from outside of Alexandra's window.

Yawning to herself, she stood up from her bed and made her way over the window.

When she did so, she couldn't help herself from smiling.

Behind the window, and down in the fresh air, Alexandra saw Jacob Hess and James Anderson under the gray sky.

They were playing with a rather large dog that ran all over while barking in excitement, making the two men laugh.

She didn't know for how long she was staring out the window, looking at James Anderson's smiley face.

She started ordering her eyes to look away, at anything, but him. She demanded herself to stop stalking.

But she just couldn't.

At last, James and Jacob left the backyard and entered the house, the dog following them inside.

Alexandra was finally snapped out of it, and decided to go and get ready to go downstairs.

She was just about to walk the first stair, that a sound caught her attention. The melody of someone playing piano danced to her ears like a breeze to the waves if an ocean.

She smiled.

She knew that song. She knew it with all her heart.

Her feet carried her unwillingly close to where the sound came from, toward the main hall.

When she looked inside, she saw Jacob behind the piano, playing with sad eyes.

"I know this song." Alexandra muttered with a smile.

But the thing that Alexandra was oblivious to, was that Jacob had made that song himself.

And just to be clear, he had only played that song for one single person throughout his whole life. A woman.

So then... How come Alexandra was familiar with every rhythm that the notes played to her ears?

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