Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 2

Almost everyone's familiar with Frankenstein's story; the tale of a mad genius who started the story, the lightening which accomplished his wishes, and the monster that ended the tale.

People looks up to stories like that as an entertainment. Because they're just tales; nothing more, nothing less.

But something that these people are oblivious to is the fact that we have these stories and fantasies in our lives as well; but maybe just not in the way that we expect.

Because this is reality; nothing you can predict about.


It was the last remaining days of September. The harsh wind het the trees mercilessly and the raindrops roughly met the soaked ground.

There came flashes of light against the dark sky, and not too long after did thunders roar and shook all the houses' windows of Abberley Village, in England.

The storm was loud enough to wake the dead, yet it showed no effect on a certain woman who laid motionless on a bed, placed in the basement of the Henderson's mansion.

Not only the Abberley Hills, but the grounds of London, too, was suffering from the rain that night; a place where her old life had started, and ended.

But what mattered was her new life; something that had started from that certain basement.

At last, with the final jet of lightning and thunder, she woke up with a start. She sat on the bed, the sheet still covering her bare legs.

It looked as if she had woken up in the middle of a nightmare. But the trouble was that she had no memories of having a nightmare.

She closed her eyes, searching for the slightest bit of a memory. But nothing was there. It was empty.

It felt empty.

Her head was spinning and she thought holding it could make it better. So she locked her fingers among her hair and captured her head in her palms.

She threw her head down, seeing that she was wearing a white dress -similar to the ill people who wore them at hospitals- her wavy brown hair was falling down her shoulders, reaching her waist.

But how old was she? Was she a young teenage girl or a forty years old woman? How did she look? Was the color of her eyes light blue or dark brown? And above all, who was she?

The girl -or woman- dropped her hands from her head and looked around in horror.

"Where am I?" was her first thought.

As she looked around at her surroundings, she found herself being even more scared.

There was no window to let the moon -or maybe the sun- lit the room. But there was a small lamp placed on a table; its light was too dim, but enough for her to realize that she was in a laboratory.

The place was dusty and too messy, full of glasses, vials, and weird artifacts. Just like fantasy movies about mad scientists.

She jumped off the bed as another thunder jolted every single one of her nerves, and the next thing she knew was that she had fallen on the cold ground.

With the next roar of thunder, she quickly gathered herself off the floor and breathing rapidly in and out, she ran over the only door she could see in the horrific laboratory.

She tried to open it, but she seemed too weak to even drag the handle. But at last, with using much more pressure, she succeeded in opening the door.

There was a staircase a little bit further from the door, and seeing it as her only opportunity, she ran up the stairs, being faced by another door only a step away.

Her heart beating faster than what her body could handle, she opened the door and ran urgently for her life, as if death was following her not too far behind to take her breath away.

"Where is this place?" she thought to herself as she kept running.

It was a house; not too old, but seemed aged because of the amount of dust covering every inch of it. The sky behind the windows was dark, but that was the least of her concerns.

Where was she running to?

She didn't stop running, even if she knew she had been spinning around herself. Perhaps it was a giant house.

The only thing that stopped her was the sound of a door opening and then closing right after. There came sounds of someone's footsteps.

She tensed up and looked alarmed, slowly taking careful steps backwards. That was until she het something from her back. She turned around and then screamed loudly as she saw someone behind her.

The person had the same scared expression she held, and it took her only a few more seconds to realize that the woman she saw, was merely her own reflection in the mirror, which was placed right next to a long corridor.

Looking intently at herself, she walked closer to the mirror and slowly ran her fingertips against her cheeks. There was a rather tall young woman with brown eyes and wavy hair in the mirror.

She was too much busy observing her reflection which was a new thing, that she had completely forgotten about the person who was now not too far behind her.

"Who are you?" someone asked and so she turned around abruptly, looking at him with fear.

The man's hair was light brown and his eyes had a beautiful green color, passion and warmness floating off both of them. Yet, his face was freckled and wasn't something you could call attractive.

"Please, don't be afraid." The man said as he saw the scared expression on her face.

He studied her with his bright and kind green eyes, and that was when she finally calmed down a bit.

"Who are you?" she asked, shaking from head to toe.

"Me?" the man scoffed. "Who are you?"

"I'm- I'm-" as she was to answer the question, she found herself being unable to do so. "I- I don't know." She muttered, shaking her head. "I don't know." She said this time louder, the lump breaking in her throat. "I don't know who I am!" she shouted and immediately started crying, locking her fingers among her hair.

"Uh– it's okay. Don't worry. Everything's cool." Said the man, nearing her very slowly and leisurely, his hands both up in a reassuring way.

"No! Stay away from me!" she cried even harder and backed away from him, not knowing that she was stepping backward in the direction of the corridor.

And that was when someone caught her from behind hardly in his strong arms, providing her to move.

She started yelling, but she found herself suddenly being unable to continue, for the person had inculcated an ampoule injection needle in her neck.

She felt her body growing more weight than what her legs could handle and suddenly her knees felt too weak to stand straight, so she fell straight in the arms of the man behind her, as her surroundings started to go pitch black.

"It's okay," said the man who was holding her. "Everything is going to be just fine."

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