Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 20

The piano's music stopped by a loud bark of the dog which was laying near Jacob.

The German Shepherd quickly jumped up and ran toward Alexandra.

"BUSTER!" James shrieked the dog's name in horror.

Both Jacob and James, who was sitting on a sofa near the piano, jumped to their feet, starting to run toward the enormous dangerous dog to stop it from attacking.

They both knew that Buster had no good reputation, seeing as he always tried to attack the strangers.

But they both froze on their spot as they saw what happened next.

Buster wiggled his tail and barked, circling around Alexandra, seeking for her attention.

Alexandra ignored James and Jacob's shocked faces and just smiled at the dog.

"Aww. Now, who are you?" She smiled sweetly, bending down to pat the dog on his head. But before she could get the chance, Buster licked her hand.

Alexandra giggled before looking up at the confused men.


"How on earth is this happening?" James ignored Alexandra and asked.

"What do you mean?"

"It's just that... Buster... He would never– Hey! Be careful, Alex! If he bites you–"

"–Oh, but why would he?" She kept smiling, caressing Buster as he now laid down before her. "Aren't you a nice boy, Buster?"

Jacob motioned his hands, asking James if he knew what the hell was going on.

But as it seemed, none of them had the slightest clue as to how and why.

"Lexi?" Peter Henderson's voice rang through the halls. Alexandra finally stood up.

"In here!" She cried out, and in no time at all, Peter arrived at the doorway.

"Can I talk to you for a moment, please? Alone?" Peter asked, looking a bit pale.

"Um... Yeah. Sure." She smile analogically at James for leaving without a single word, following Peter out of the hall, and then out of the mansion.

The morning breeze het Alexandra harmlessly, but it made her shiver slightly.

Peter didn't say anything yet. He just walked toward the small lake that could be sighted behind the mansion.

When they reached the lake, he sighed, bent down, and picked up a stone. He aimed the water and threw it away as far as possible.

"Peter, what's wrong?" Alexandra asked.

"Er... It's about... Um..."


"Yeah." He said in a low mutter, facing the lake.

"What about her?"

Peter finally turned to look at Alexandra with a pained expression.

"You see, Halloween is happening in three days... We used to throw a masquerade ball every year before... Before our father passes away four years ago. But that stopped immediately. Because Paul left us the exact day after, not even being here for the funeral... When Father died and Paul left us, it was only me and Mrs. Hess. So we didn't throw any parties no more. But now he's his back, Mrs. Hess keeps insisting on throwing the ball just like always."

"But I don't see the problem in that. And what Jenevieve has to do with any of this?"

"Well... I... Her and I... We..." Peter struggled to say, but he just couldn't. But fortunately, Alexandra quickly caught on.

"You don't have the confidence to ask her, do you?"

By that, Peter flushed.

"Oh, my! Peter, are you blushing?" Alexandra giggled.

"Shut up! I do have the confidence! I just..."

Alexandra gave him a look.

"Oh, alright! I don't! Happy!?"

Alexandra grinned mischievously before saying, "Well, I just happen to be an expert."

"Um... Not to ruin your spirit... But how do you know without any memories?"

"Do you want my help or not!?"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Peter saluted, making Alexandra laugh.

"Let's get to work, shall we?"


Alexandra and Peter sneaked out of the Henderson's ground under Paul's nose, and into the town.

They stopped by places to buy flowers and a beautiful dress and a mask for the masquerade ball.

"Why a masquerade ball? Why not a halloween ceremony or whatever they call it?"

"It's just a tradition, I guess." Peter shrugged.

"Oh, look! A jewelry shop!" Alexandra pointed with excitement.

"I don't think so."

"What!? Why not! I thought you were rich enough."

"That's not the problem."

"Then what is?"

"Jenna isn't vey much in fond of jewelries."

"Oh? So what is she fond of?"

By that Peter's grin grow unstoppably.

In Alexandra's surprise, Peter lead her to a shop that she didn't expect at all.

A shop filled by all different types of chocolates.


By a nod of encouragement from Alexandra, Peter cleared his throat and put down the box in his hand down and then knocked on the door, with flowers in his hand.

"Who's this?" Jenna's dreamy voice called.

But Alexandra frowned in confusion when Peter didn't answer, and instead, he started running toward the room where Alexandra was hiding to see the sight.

"What the hell do you think are you doing?" Alexandra hissed in a low voice.

"I... I..."

"Shh!" She hushed Peter and pointed at the room in front of theirs throughout their halfway opened door.

The door to Jenna's room was slowly opening. Jenevieve glanced around in confusion and when she saw no one, he gaze dropped down and she sighted the curious box.

"Oooh!" She squealed in excitement and bent down, opening the large box.

In the box, Peter had placed two other boxes. One with the dress in it, and the other filled by chocolates.

As if Jenna had sent or maybe even felt the chocolates, she went for the smaller box.

"CHOCOLATE!!" She shrieked and sat down right then and there, attacking the chocolates in full delight.

Peter shook his head at his silly love of his life and grinned proudly of how lucky he could be.

Alexandra saw his smile, and she couldn't help it no more.

So, smirking mischievously, she pushed the door wide open in a blink of an eye and throw Peter out with a hard push, and closed the door behind him.

Peter quickly stood up on his knees and reached for the door, but he saw that Alexandra had locked it already.

So swallowing hard, he hesitantly turned around with the flower in his hands.

His gaze got locked on Jenna, who was rather enjoying her time with her chocolates, sitting on the hard ground carelessly.

Her mouth still filled, she raised her hand that kept an already bitten chocolate, "Want some?" She offered.

But Peter didn't answer. He just stood up to his feet, leaving the flower on the ground. In no time at all, he reached Jenna and sat before her.

"Jenevieve Goldsmith?"

"Peter Henderson?"

"Um... W-would you give me the honor and go with me to the ball as my date?"

"Who? Me?"

"Is there anyone else that you think I would ask?"

"I dunno... You tell me." Jenna said and folded her arms.

But Peter only smiled.

"No. There's no one else I would choose above you."

And by that, before even waiting for Jenna's answer, he leaned down and kissed her lips.

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