Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 21

By the time the next day arrived, Jenna and Peter were a couple again, and to be honest, no one was happier than Mrs. Hess about that occasion.

Although, that didn't stop her from asking them to join in the help of preparing the ball. Servants arrived in a matter of hours along with cooks and waiters and men who helped decorating.

That day, Alexandra saw a new part of the mansion she never got the chance to see before. There was always a door that was locked. But it became open at last.

It was a ball room, very large, very magnificent, and yet very dirty.

Everyone helped; Jacob, Mrs. Hess, Peter, Jenna, Alexandra, and even James Anderson.

"Urgh! I suck at decorations!" Alexandra whined loudly to James who was standing right next to her.

"You don't say." James tried to conceal his laughter as he eyed the skeleton that Alexandra had tried to stick to the wall.

"Oh, please. As if you could do it any better."

James only smirked, nearing Alexandra.

"Watch, and learn." He said arrogantly, raising the hammer and using it, somehow managing to stick the skeleton to the wall pretty quick.

"Did you see how it's done?" James asked.

"Um... Y-yeah." But that was a lie.

Alexandra didn't pay the slightest attention. All because of the extremely short distance that she had at that moment with James.

She started cursing her heart for beating too fast when James was gone.


"What do you mean you don't have a dress!?" Jenna gasped.

"Um... I think it was quiet obvious what it meant seeing as I said it in English." Said Alexandra.

"Oh." Jenna pursed her lips. "Well, then, what are you going to wear?"

"I'll see if Mrs. Hess has any extra dress. I don't really care about how fashionable I am, to be honest. I love to attend this ball, with or without a dress."

"Who is going to attend the ball without dress!?" Mrs. Hess's voice rang the place as she entered, her hands on her hips.

"That would be my cue." Jenna stood up, leaving Alexandra alone with Mrs. Hess.

"Gee! Thank you, Jenna!"

"You're most definitely welcome." Jenna smiled sweetly and innocently before disappearing from sight.

"The ball is tonight, young lady! How come you never thought about buying a bloody dress!?"


"Enough with the 'um's already!" Mrs. Hess sighed to calm herself. "Go take a shower. I'll go and see if we have anything proper for you to wear."

Alexandra did as she was told to. When she came out of shower, wearing casual clothes for the time being, she opened the door to her room to go and see whether Mrs. Hess had found anything for her.

But when she opened her door, she saw a box down before her feet by the room.

She bent down and took the curious large box in hand, observing it as she walked in the room.

She placed it on her bed and started unwrapping. When she opened it, a smile appeared on her lips.

It was a dress, of the sort that many girls dream of having. There was also a mask there, going beautifully with the beautiful black dress.


In no time at all, half of the guests arrived, none of whom Alexandra knew; and as it seemed, neither did anybody else.

The loud music could be heard from where Jenna and Alexandra were getting ready for the ball, without the help of Mrs Hess; seeing as she was downstairs in the ballroom, organizing everything to the best of her abilities.

"You look gorgeous." Jenevieve sighed in a dreamy way.

"Er... Thank you, Jenna. So do you."

"You think so?" She asked in concern, looking at herself in the mirror with a worried expression. "Do you think that Peter would like me in this dress?"

The dress was weird. But Alexandra didn't lie when she said, "Yes. I'm pretty sure Peter would love you in that dress."

At last, the two girls exited the room and walked downstairs after putting on their masks.

"You sure I look fine?" Jenna asked for the hundredth time.

"How about you look over there and get your answer?" Alexandra pointed at somewhere in the crowd.

There stood Peter, his eyes only on Jenna's petite feature alone.

He slowly walked toward them, his mask hiding his freckled face, yet let out his beautiful green eyes perfectly.

"You look extremely s-stunning."

"Thanks." Jenna's voice trembled.

Peter raised his hand for her to take and bowed slightly. She gave her hand to Peter and they were gone out of sight in a matter of seconds after Jenna's goodbye-wave at Alexandra.

Even though the music was playing, the first dance hadn't started yet.

Alexandra looked around at the people, laughing and chatting and some holding hands.

But she was snapped out of her thoughts when someone tapped gently on her shoulders.

When Alexandra turned around, her smile made its way back to her lips again.

"Miss Evans, would you give me the honor and escort me for the first dance?"

"Mister Anderson, I would like nothing more." Said Alexandra.

James Anderson, looking handsome in his black suit and mask, bowed slightly and raised his hand, his eyes never leaving Alexandra's.

A chill ran all over her body when her hand touch James's. He lead her to the dance floor gently along with the other couples.

The song started. The harmony didn't matter in the slightest. All that mattered to Alexandra was that James held one of his hands in hers, and the other was placed around her waist, holding her close.

"You look quiet stunning tonight, Ms. Evans."

"You don't look that bad yourself."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Oh, yeah." Alexandra giggled, but then her smile faded quickly.

Because while her eyes wandered around as she danced, she caught the cold and stone-like eyes of Paul Henderson.

They locked eyes, none of them blinking, or even breathing, for that matter.

But she was bound to look away at last when James took her hand and span her around in a gentle pace.

The first dance was finally over and the feeling of disappointment rushed through her body.

"So how about another dance–"

James didn't get the chance to complete his sentence, because someone interrupted rudely by clearing his throat.

James and Alexandra turned around, looking at the man.

"You wouldn't mind if I burrowed your partner for the next dance, would you, Mr. Anderson?"

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