Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 22

Alexandra's mouth slightly parted as she glanced over at Paul Henderson's tall feature.

James hesitated and gave a cold silent. The two men glared at each other, both in a killer silence.

"Sure." James finally said in a dark tone, not removing his glare off Paul Henderson.

With that, Paul finally turned to look over at Alexandra and neared her in a slow pace, making her heart beat faster.

He raised his hand for her to take, but didn't utter a word. He kept looking straight into her eyes, as if challenging her; as daring her to take the offer.

Alexandra glanced over at James so he would help her out of the situation. But James's eyes had not moved a single inch away from Paul's face.

To no one's surprise, Paul was the only one in the party that was not wearing any mask.

But at last, she gave up and raised her hand to take Paul's.

She was expecting his hand to be just as cold as his eyes and as cold as his voice.

But that wasn't the case.

When Alexandra took his hand, all she felt was an overwhelming warmth. Not a single second had passed that Paul pulled Alexandra's hand and drew her close to him, so close that Alexandra het his hard chest.

Without removing his eyes from Alexandra's, he placed her hand on his shoulder and took the other in his, placing his hand to her waist.

The music started and Paul immediately pulled Alexandra closer to himself and took her off guard.

In a dance, the partners ought to move together. In Alexandra and Paul's case, however, it looked nothing like a dance, for Paul moved her and lead the so called dance.

Alexandra was doing her best to avoid the feeling that she was having at that moment. The feeling of comfort that his warm body was giving her, overwhelming her.

As the music sped up a bit, Paul let go of her hand and took ahold of her waist, sweeping her off her feet, and spinning her around for a short moment.

When he placed her down again, they were back at the same position.

"What are you doing?" Alexandra asked slowly.

"Dancing." He said. "I thought it was quiet obvious."

"I meant, why are you dancing?"

"This is ball, where people dance at."

Paul answered correctly to the question, although, that was definitely not what Alexandra had asked for.

"That wasn't what I meant."

"I know."

Alexandra gave him a look, waiting for him to answer truthfully. But Paul just stared straight into her eyes, not having the intention of giving in.

At last, Alex finally dropped her eyes.

"I have to admit," Paul started, still his eyes glued on Alexandra. "You look quiet..."


Paul waited a few seconds, taking in what he was about to say, and so he regretted it.

"Nothing." He shook his head, and then pulled away quickly, lacing his hands behind his back. "It was nice dancing with you."

And with a last polite nod, he made a move to leave Alexandra's side. But he stopped in his tracks when the doors of the ball room burst open. The music didn't stop, but almost everyone stopped dancing, turning to see who had entered.

Murmurs surrounded the hall in a matter of seconds and everyone stared at the man who entered.

Now, even the music stopped. Everyone stared. The man stood still and tall, roaming the hall with his cold eyes.

"Who's that?" Alexandra whispered to Paul, who was just in as shocked as anyone else, although was more successful in concealing it.

"My uncle." He grunted in a dark voice, his hard gaze not moving from the man.

"Then why is everyone staring at him in that way?"

"Ms. Evans?"

"Yes, sir?"

"How much of a kind and caring person do I look to you?"

"Um... Not much, s-sir."

"Thank you for your honesty, Ms. Evans. But I'm not very delighted to inform you," by that he turned to look over at Alexandra. "that he is far worse than I am."

That had Alexandra shocked.

Until that day, she had thought that no heart was colder that Paul Henderson's. But apparently, she had been wrong.

"What the bloody hell is Uncle John doing here?" They turned around and saw Peter. He had taken his mask off, and now horror could be seen all over his face.

"Yeah... That would be my fault." Paul Henderson informed, earning a confused look from his smaller brother.

"What on earth is that supposed to mean?" Peter hissed.

"Well... Do you remember that in father's funeral he insisted on me, choosing myself a wife?"

"Go on...?"

"Well, recently –as in last year– he sent me a letter confirming that he believed I was going to die alone. He said that if I didn't find someone, he would've taken matters into his own hand."

"Correct me if I'm wrong." Said Peter, trying his best to stay calm. "He's here to find you a suitor."

There was a deadly silence.

"You didn't!" Peter gasped.

"Can someone tell me what's going on?" Alexandra finally said.

"No." Paul's gaze went back on his uncle.

Peter didn't remove his eyes from Paul and he ignored Alexandra. "You shouldn't have had told him that! Now what the hell are you going to do!?"

"I'm in the process of thinking, brother. I would be glad if you shut up!"

"For goodness sake! What are you processing!? Looking around the hall for a lady to introduce to him!?"

Paul finally glanced back at Peter. "Well, I was in the process of thinking of a good lie to tell him. But I have to admit, brother, that you are getting a bit smarter. Finding a lady isn't that bad of an idea."

"What!? No! Forget what I said!"

Alexandra thought that she was imagining it, but she could swear that she saw Paul smirk dangerously.

"Too late." And by that, he turned to look at Alexandra with a fake smile on his lips. "Now, how about I introduce you to my Uncle John, my lovely fiancé?"

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