Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 25

It was the most impossible task for Alexandra to get out of bed the next morning.

As she showered and got ready, she couldn't help but hope that everything that happened to her the previous night had been just a nightmare.

But of course she wasn't fortunate enough.

It had all been real; from the crazy fake announcement to John Henderson to the way that Paul had kissed her.

But that didn't stop Alexandra from trying to pretend that nothing had happened and everything was normal; or at least, as normal as she could get.

But all her hopes got turned down as soon as she walked downstairs and put foot in the dining room.

There she saw John Henderson, sitting on a chair behind the table. He was wearing glasses and while he took careful sips from his cup of cappuccino, he was reading newspaper with deep frowns on his forehead.

"You're early." Said John, not looking up from his newspaper. "No wonder Paul chose you as his wife."

Only if you knew... Alexandra thought to herself, standing there awkwardly by the door.

"Sit." John ordered in a stern and cold voice, still not giving her a simple glance.

Alexandra did as she was told to, not in the mood of disobeying him and to make him angry and colder than what he was now.

"Cappuccino?" He offered. Still no look.

Alexandra had never tried it; not that she remembered. But she said, "Sure," trying to be as polite as possible, staring down at the table as she sat down.

At last, John placed the newspaper on the table, took off his glasses, and finally looked up at Alexandra.

"I would appreciate it if you filled my cup as well when you went to the kitchen to bring yourself a cup and cappuccino."

Alexandra fought hard not to let her jaw drop from shock.

She just stared at him.

And do you know what pissed her off the most?

That he was smiling.

He was smiling so warmly and calming that made you want to wipe that smile off his face in any way possible.

But she didn't speak. She just got off her seat in a flash, took John's cup in hand, and immediately left the dining room and started toward the kitchen.

Alexandra was too busy cursing on her way to the kitchen to realize that she had bumped into someone.

She finally looked up when a cold voice called, "Good morning, love."

And that's when she gave all hopes up for the chance of everything being a mere dream.

Because when she raised her head, her gaze caught sight of two ocean-blue eyes that could bring a whole new era of ice-age due to coldness.

That's when she realized that Paul had his arms snaked around her, and for some unknown reason, it made her feel warm from inside.

But she fought against whatever the hell she was feeling and put her hands against Paul's chest and pushed him away from her.

"Good morning to you, too, my lovely husband." She mocked.

"It's fiancé. I'm not your husband yet."

"Whatever." She snarled, gritting her teeth against each other.

Paul looked at the ground for a moment and pursed his lips together.

But when he looked up again, Alexandra lost the very last confidence and courage that was left inside her.

All of a sudden, Paul filled the distance between them and took her arm firmly in his grasp, pulling her closer to him and against his chest again.

"John is leaving tonight, an you're excepted to act up to whatever role I have told you to do." Paul said in the most slow whisper that sounded more like a hissing voice. "Otherwise your husband or fiancé pr whatever the hell you tend to call it, would be forced to teach you some manners. And we don't want that, now, do we?"

"No." Alexandra muttered weakly.

"No, what?" His fingers tightened around her arm.

"No, sir."

"Good girl."

He finally pulled away and raised his hand and toward her face, caressing her cheek torturously with his thumb.

And then... he smiled.

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