Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 26

John Henderson left for London that same night just as expected, relieving everyone. Almost everyone was happy after he left.


The questions had effected Alexandra too much for her own good and had driven her nearly mental.

She sat in the mansion next to the window and fell asleep there because of the amount of exhaustion. But that exhaustion wasn't due to lack of sleep.

It was all because of everything that had created some sort of a puzzle in her mind that couldn't get connected to each other no matter how hard she tried.

So, to calm her nerves, she found a bottle of alcoholic drink and drank herself to sleep.

It was one a.m and Alexandra was fast asleep. The bitter coldness had forced her to curl up to herself against the wall, next to the large windows.

But her eyes snapped open when she felt a hand touching her shoulder briefly and calling her name in the most soft voice.

She blinked a few time and when she looked up, her eyes got locked with James Anderson's passionate ones.

"What?" Alexandra managed to say while yawning.

"It's cold tonight. I couldn't get myself to let you sleep here next to the window." He smiled.

"Aww." She giggled.

"You're drunk." James stated when he saw the empty bottle on the ground.

"No shit, Sherlock." She scoffed, making James sigh.

"C'mon. Lets get you to bed."

Alexandra groaned and stumbled to stand up, but didn't succeed and fell down. Although, James was quicker than her and got her in his arms.

Alexandra's rapid breaths became even quicker as she felt James's hands around her waist.

She bit her lip before looking up at him, just to meet his deep eyes that burned in passion. Her eyes traveled down to his lips... But she shook her her head out of that thought.

It was wrong. She couldn't... James had someone else... It's wasn't right no matter how you looked at it.

So Alexandra pulled away from him, turning around to hide her hurt face from him.

"What's wrong?" James asked in concern, nearing her from behind.

"Nothing... I-I'm just not feeling quiet well." And she wasn't lying.

Her drunken state had brought tears into her eyes and she couldn't help them. So she just fought against them falling down.

"Do you want me to give you pills?"

"No." Her voice trembled, still looking away from him.

"Do you want me to take you to doctor?"

"No." This time, her entire feature started shaking.

"Then what do you want to make you feel better?"

By that she turned around to face him and a tear left her eyes and ran down her burning cheek.

"You." She whispered.


Bitter silence.

The sound of breathing had stopped.

None of them blinked.

They just stared down at each other.

"This is the alcohol speaking. Not you–"

"Stay away from me!" Alexandra let out when James tried to near her. "Yes! This is the alcohol speaking. And it has given me the courage to tell you this."

"You don't know what you're talking about–"

"–I do! I've felt the same way since the time I met you... And I can't help how I'm feeling..."

"Alex, stop this right now!"

"I can't!"




"You're drunk. You need to sleep–"

"–Why!? Because I would forget this tomorrow!? So you would be able to forget it as well!?"

"Yes!" James shouted, but then tried to calm down. "I'm sorry... But I love someone else."

"Oh, yeah? Then why are you here!? Why aren't you with the love of your life right now!? Why don't you just leave and go to London to her–!?"


Alexandra blinked in confusion.

"But you said–"

"–I LIED!" Said James.



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