Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 27

"W-what?" Alexandra managed a low whisper.

"You heard me."


"She's been missing for months. The last place she has been seen in, was here; Abberley Village."

"So... She never was here for a case?"

"I didn't lie about that part. Rea was here for a case, and she won it. But she didn't come back afterwards. She never did. Her mother left it to the police. But that wasn't enough for me. I had to look for her myself."

"Then... then what are doing here? Why aren't you out there, looking for her?"

James ignored her.

He regarded her intensely before he spoke, "Let's get you to bed."


Alexandra tried to get up from the bed but her head was weighing her down in pain when the next morning arrived.

Immediately, the memories of last night came down, hunting her mind.

She just wished that it hadn't.

So Alexandra decided to shut down the world, and stood in her room all day.

Mrs. Hess was kind enough to bring her breakfast and lunch, but Alexandra didn't even touch it.

When night fell upon the Henderson mansion and painted Alexandra's windows black, someone knocked on her door and entered the room.

"I see you haven't taken my advise seriously." It was Jenna.

She walked in and sat down on the bed, where Alexandra was lying down.

"What advise?" Alexandra mumbled.

"That you need to eat if you wanna feel better."

Alexandra sat up straight on the bed, facing Jenna with a sigh.

"What's wrong, Lexi? I thought that maybe when John left, you would've felt better."

"I-I do." Alexandra forced a small smile. "I'm fine. Thank you for your concern."

But Jenna leaned forward and hugged her anyway.

"It's alright... You can cry."

"Why should I? I told you. I'm fine." She pulled away and faked another smile.

"I do realize them."

"Realize what?"

"Well... Sometimes, you hold back your tears and try to show everyone that you're strong." said Jenna. "But deep down, you wish that someone would realize how broken you are inside. That they would not look at your smily lips, but at your teary eyes. I do realize them, Lexi. And I understand. It's okay to cry."

As if Alexandra's tears were waiting for those words, they fell all over her face in a blink of an eye when Jenna ended her sentence.

Jenna took her hand and smiled sweetly at her.

"There's this famous quote... I don't think you have heard it."

"What is it?" Alexandra said between quiet sobs.

"That 'falling down is an accident. Staying down is a choice.' It's your choice if you want to stay down or not. But that's what weakness is. So if you truly want to stay strong, all you need to do is to stand up and walk away from everything that hurt you. But a piece of advice;" her voice fell into a small whisper. "don't look back at them. They're known to be very tempting."

Alexandra smiled.

This time for real.

"So... What now?" Jenna asked. "What are you gonna do?"

"I'm going to stand up." Said Alexandra. "And fly."


Days passed by. Alexandra finally got herself to go downstairs, and managed to act and pretend as if she had heard nothing and as if she had said nothing.

And to her relief, so did James.

Paul had left to London so it was a positive thing for Alexandra.

Everything had went back to normal.

But that state didn't stay like that for long.

After a week, the rain started pouring against the Abberley Village's grounds again. The old Father Clock in the corner of the living room chimed.

The sun slowly set against the horizon, allowing the full moon rise to its glorious beauty. Night had finally befallen Alexandra, wrapping the day in its dark blanket.

Alexandra sat on her usual place by the large windows of the living room, just like always whenever she couldn't get herself to sleep.

She stared down behind the window motionlessly, but that was when her eyes widened.

She saw Jenna in the yard, pacing quickly under the rain, fear clearly painted on her face.

Alexandra saw that as her cue to quickly stand up and exit the mansion and to go to Jenna to see what was going on with her.

She didn't even bother to take a coat, let alone an umbrella. She just ran out after Jenevieve.

"Jenna!? Hey! JENNA!" She shrieked and called her. Alexandra ran toward her, but when she reached her, she finally realized the tears on Jenna's face.

It was hard to diagnose the tears from the raindrops, but it was obvious that she was crying.

"Jenna, what's wrong?" Alexandra asked in concern, taking over Jenevieve's trembling feature. Yes, it was freezing outside, but she was sure that Jenna wasn't shaking due to coldness.

By that, Jenna cried even harder, sobbing endlessly.

"H-help me... Please..." She continued crying.

Alexandra didn't know what to do, so she just hugged her petite feature.

"Tell me what's wrong. Maybe I could do something."

"Y-you can't. No one can..." She cried, pulling away. "It's my fault... It's all m-my fault!"

"What is your fault? Jenna, please tell me."

"I-I can't! He will be so angry... Oh, my... Oh, god... What have I done!?" She whimpered and sat down on the wet ground, crying into her palms. "It's all my fault."

Alexandra bent down as well, her heart beating rapidly.

"I shouldn't have... He would kill me... Oh, god... Why me!?"

"What!? Jenna! Listen to me!" Alexandra took Jenna's wrist and forced her to look at her. "No one's going to harm you. Do you hear me?"

But Jenna didn't listen. She just weeped and cried and shouted and prayed.

"Y-you don't understand... You don't know him... He found out that I know..."

"I'm going to wake Peter up. He would make you feel calmed down–"

"–NO!" Jenna bellowed, looking horrific. "No! Please, don't! Peter can't know! Or he would never forgive himself! Please!"

"Okay! Okay, I won't. But please, come inside with me. I'll help you to your room. You're freezing... Maybe a hot bath would make you feel better? With chocolates?" Alexandra tried to comfort her, not knowing what else to say.

Jenna finally nodded, and stood up with Alexandra.

Alexandra remembered what Mrs. Hess told her about Jenna. She had mentioned that Jenna usually walked in her sleep. So she thought that helping Jenna to a hot bath would wake her up a bit.

The two women went upstairs and Alexandra helped Jenna to calm down a bit, before filling the bath for her.

"Everything's going to be fine when you woke up tomorrow." Alexandra smiled.



And so, she left Jenna and went back to her room.


It was five in the morning that Alexandra woke up to a sound of crying and whimpering from the room above her, which belonged to Jenna.

So she stood up immediately, walking toward Jenevieve's room and opened the door.

The sound of crying was coming from the bathroom. The closer Alexandra got to the bathroom, the clearer the sound of the whimpers became.

That's when she realized it was a man crying, not Jenna.

She pushed the door of the bathroom open and saw Peter on the ground.

By what she saw next, her hand quickly clapped against her mouth in horror.

"Oh, no."

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