Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 3

"My dear beloved little brother, I love you so much, but if you don't stop talking, I would gladly slip a poison down your throat and rescue all the poor victims that are going to be tortured by your voice in the future!" Said the first voice.

"So you've been away for four bloody years and yet you haven't learned a new threat. Believe me; it would've been at least a bit less boring if you actually fulfilled one of them."

"Perhaps I shall!"

Groaning to herself, the girl with wavy hair slowly woke up to a conversation between two unknown voices. Her head was spinning and she couldn't help it but to at last let a soft moan scape her mouth.

"She is awaking..." The first voice announced, "About Time!"

The girl heard footsteps nearing her and not too long after she felt movements at her side.

"Peter, I need you to leave us alone. Now!"

Her eyes were slightly open, but the only thing she could see was a blurred face. Although, it didn't take her more than a fair few seconds to being finally able to see the face.

A pair of stone-like blue eyes were staring at her firmly, as if piercing through her skin. The man's whole body was tensed and his muscles clenched, and he had thin pale lips that had forgotten how to smile and had never known how to laugh.

He couldn't have been more than forty years old if you regarded his face, but small shades of grey could be sighted among his messy dark hair.

But despite his firmness and the fact that he couldn't have been deemed as someone with a nice or beautiful face, you couldn't miss his broad shoulders and tallness, which gave him a handsome feature in general. His thick brows and dangerous eyes merely added to that, making any girl's heart skip at the very sight of him.

But all in all, that didn't stop the girl laying in the laboratory's bed from panicking by seeing that man; specially after she had been attacked and then fainted, not too long ago.

"Easy there!" said the man as she started to panic again. He placed his large hands on her shoulders, forcefully, yet gently, pushing her on the lying position again.

"Who are you? Where am I?"

"I'll explain everything in a momen-"

"No! Tell me now!" she started to panic again as tears started filling up her eyes.

"Evans! I want you to relax!"

"Evans? Is that– Is that my name?"

"She is oblivious to who she is." The man recorded his voice in the small recorder he held in his hand. "It can be a short-lasting memory-loss. But there is a bigger chance that she has completely lost her memories."

"What do you mean I've lost my memories?" she asked but received no answers as the man walked away and fetched a few papers, reading them. "ANSWER ME!"

The man finally placed the papers down and sat next to her on a chair.

"You're Alexandra Evans, and you're in my house; Abberley Village, Worcestershire, in the basement, in my personal laboratory."

"Why did you call me by my surname?"

"Because I dislike your name."

was she supposed to be offended by those words?

Because she wasn't.

"Who are you?"

"Paul Henderson."

"Who was the one that attacked me from behind?"


"Wha- but why?"

"That would be none of your concern." The man answered with a cold and faint smile, which wasn't real in any angle you looked at it.

"Who was that man that I saw last night? And the one who left here just a minute ago-"

"-That was my worthless excuse of a brother; Peter."

"Peter Henderson. Paul Henderson. Alexandra Evans." She started whispering the names with herself, but by each time she did so, the more the words seemed unfamiliar and meaningless to her. "Why don't I remember any of this? I've never heard of these names! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?"

"You wouldn't like what I'm going to tell you. So I'm merely asking you to control your nerves, because they're not in a good state."

"I can handle it. Just tell me!"

"If you insist;" the man, Paul Henderson, cleared his throat, and started. "you had an accident with your car. It wasn't pretty, if I'm telling you the less. There was a slight explosion, but luckily for you, you were thrown out of the car before it happened."

An ache started to overwhelm Alexandra as he continued.

"I saw the accident happen. And I saw you. I saved you. You were just as good as dead if it weren't for me. In other words, you owe your life to me."

Alexandra found herself being unable to talk, as if her words had lost their way long down her throat.

"Why did it happen?" she finally got herself to ask. "The accident, I mean."

"I don't know. Perhaps you were drunk?" he suggested.

"Was I a horrible person?"

"I don't know, Lexi, or whoever the hell people tended to call you. Maybe you were. But the thing is, I don't know. I'd never met you in my life before that night."

"Then how do you know all about me?"

There was a moment of silence before the man spoke, "Call it a scientist's perks."

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