Our Rainy Days

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Chapter 30


The sun had gone to rest and the moon had taken its place as the darkness surrounded the sky.

Andrea Brooke always liked the night. Because she thought that it hid her flaws, her imperfections, the scars burnt into her heart, the stabs of knives that were all left behind in her memories.

After the night that Jacob was shot, Andrea decided to find out its reason. But she only realized that she had gotten herself into a big danger when it was too late.

She had gotten trace of a man and a woman with the names of Holy Walker and Paul Henderson. They were the reason that her friend couldn't talk anymore... The reason he couldn't declare his love to a girl he would've married one day...

So she decided to get revenge.

She had heard that there was going to be a court against the woman, because she had killed two others.

That's why she traveled to England, without telling his boyfriend, James Anderson. She couldn't get him into the same danger.

She started collecting evidence and in the last day, she sent it to the court. Because of her, Holy Walker got a lifetime prison sentence.

Although, that was when she figured out something. Something horrible.

Andrea used to think that Annabelle Simpson and Ben Corner were both killed by Holy Walker.

But the day after the sentence, she figured out that Ben Corner had been killed by Paul Henderson himself.

Ben Corner was a lawyer just like Rea, and was planning on making a file against Holy Walker's crimes.

But he didn't get to send it to the court, because before he could, he had been murdered by Paul Henderson, just because that man was too afraid to lose his psycho of a girlfriend.

So that was when Andrea realized the danger she had been placed in.

She couldn't think straight no more. So she acted quickly.

She threw her phone away in the river so no one would've had been able to track her down and when she got home, she immediately took out a paper and a pen and started writing.

To Paul Henderson,

If you're reading this letter, it means that you've figured out what I've done. But you have to understand that everything I did was for the greater good. I never meant it to happen.

She was going to write down her name as 'Andrea Evelyn Brooke' but she thought it was too risky. So she wrote down,


and ended the letter and sent it to Paul Henderson.

Quickly, she exited the place where she was staying at and drove her car away.

It was raining that night.

She was driving. Very fast. Very deadly. Driving through the end of the dark night. The rain was pouring mercilessly and the storm shook the sky.

She felt her heart beating like it never did before. Her entire body was trembling with fear. As if she were waiting for something terrible to happen. As if she were certain that it would happen.

Any moment now... Andrea thought with horror.

But then she saw something from the distance, in the middle of the road, under the stormy sky.

It was a man... And she knew who it was perfectly...

She screamed and the thunder roared.

And then it all happened at once.

The world trembled around her and she lost control of everything and the car crashed and flew off the cliff.

And at last, it all went black.

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